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  • 5 Tools to Help Freelancers Get Paid on Time

    Anyone who has ever freelanced knows that increased professional freedom comes with enormous benefits as well as numerous challenges. One of the primary difficulties self-employed workers face, especially when just starting out, is payment. While companies today are more aware of the consequences of abusing freelancers, whether that’s paying them late or undervaluing their w ...

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  • Is Social Selling Right for Your Business?

    By now you’ve likely heard about social selling—an emerging technique for driving sales and building powerful relationships with prospects and customers alike. But unless you’ve actually engaged in social selling already, you may be unclear on exactly what it is, and how it could be implemented to help improve the way that you do business and engage with your clientele.

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  • 4 Reasons Font and Typeface Matter More than You Think in Marketing

    “Words are powerful” is certainly a threadbare cliché, but it’s one that, despite its overuse, remains true. What we say and how we say it has a major impact on our audience’s response. On a subtler, more subliminal level, so does typeface. Font, color and weight are not just matters of aesthetics.

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  • Numbers Reflect Steady Rise of Augmented Reality Marketing In 2016

    Until now, augmented reality technology has been in virtual reality’s shadow. Ever since Facebook bought Occulus Rift in 2014, virtual technology (VR) commanded the headlines – HTC Vive. Playstation VR. Sony’s Morpheus. Samsung’s Gear VR – Many of the tech titans are entering the VR market, and each device has taken its turn basking in the limelight, as one piece of hardware tr ...

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