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  • Finding a Bad Link is like finding a needle in a Haystack

    @mattcutts u are killing me, please turn down the pain on backlinks. 200 spam domains = blown off G. A day spent w links. needle->{haystack} — Online Marketing (@AOMServices) April 10, 2014 When it comes to the world of search, we here at AOM do in fact put all our search eggs in one Easter basket. Does that make us crazy? A little.

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  • Why should our business site be mobile friendly?

    Why should our business site be mobile friendly? Posted on Friday, 08 November 2013 More often than not, when we are talking to business owners about mobile friendly sites they say “well our business site works on a mobile phone, isn’t that good enough?” Just because you can see your website on your phone does not mean it is mobile friendly.

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