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  • Google 3 Pack Shake Up: 5 Ways to Adjust Local SEO

    In early August, Google made some major changes to its "Local Pack" search results by opting to show three results instead of seven. Here are some ways to adjust strategy in order to stay on top of local search. Google's decision to show fewer listings seems to be motivated by mobile. "Three-pack" search results make desktop searches mirror those on mobile with more space fo ...

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  • Google May Not Give a F*** About Twitter, But Experts Say It Should

    With Twitter shares at an all-time low amidst reports that the social media site has failed to win new users, the Internet is awash once again with speculation that Google may buy Twitter. Twitter failed to grow in Q2, which has led to a sort of Wall Street panic with shares rapidly declining. According to many media outlets, the time seems right for Google to finally pull t ...

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  • Four Link Lessons from #SESAtlanta

    Creating effective links is all about quality content, and at SES Atlanta, SEOs and marketers from CNN, Cheapflights, the Atlanta Hawks, and Care.org came together in a panel discussion to reveal their secrets for using quality content to drive links. Lesson One: Don't Get Too Precious About Where Content Is Viewed Andisheh Nouraee, social strategies manager for Care.

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  • Understanding the Customer Makes Mobile Search Meaningful #SESAtlanta

    Since "mobilegeddon" recently had brands scrambling to meet new "mobile-friendly" requirements, mobile search has become de rigueur for most SEOs. During a session at SES Atlanta yesterday, Kristina Smith, director of search engine marketing for Adam and Eve, and Jonathan Kagan, senior director of search and biddable media for MARC USA, explained how truly understanding a cus ...

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  • Bill Hunt's 5 Epiphanies for SEO #SESAtlanta

    During Bill Hunt's long career in search marketing, he's been building search at IBM, helping WebMD rank first in search results, and penning best-sellers like Search Engine Marketing, Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Website. Over the last 20 years, he's had a few revelations about ways to make search more efficient.

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  • Bing Ads Improves Age and Gender Targeting

    Bing ads has started to collect more demographic data from its users, allowing advertisers to better target consumers based on age and gender. Bing's global coverage of demographic data has recently doubled, according to the company's blog, which promises that the new targeting capabilities will offer "an increase in click-through rate and conversion rate for targetable user ...

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  • StubHub Saves Its Rankings While Opening Up Personalization Possibilities

    Digital ticket sales company StubHub recently faced an interested conundrum: How could the brand optimize for mobile without losing its SEO rankings? To safeguarding rankings while becoming fully mobile-optimized, StubHub had to think creatively and hope for the best. StubHub has been a top-ranked site for nearly 15 years but in that time, the desktop, mobile site and app ha ...

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  • Google Earth Turns Ten and Adds Two New Features

    To celebrate its tenth birthday, Google Earth has added two new features to better enable users to explore the world. The first feature, Voyager, is available on desktop. According to Google's blog, Voyager allows users to quickly navigate to its newest and most interesting images. Voyager includes popular images from Street View, such as the Taj Mahal, highlighted virtual t ...

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  • AdWords Update Combats "Fat Finger Syndrome"

    Google is battling inaccurate click through measures that artificially inflate costs with new guidelines for what constitutes a click. According to an AdWords blog post, 50 percent of touchscreen clicks are accidental. To expand on their efforts to reduce accidental clicks, Google has instituted three main measures to prevent advertisers from paying for accidental clicks.

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  • Bing Video Search Gets a Streamlined Makeover

    Bing has just given its video search interface a "modern makeover," according to the company's blog. The new layout will give users more information about the video they're about to view, as well as bigger thumbnails. The company has also worked to improve related search suggestions. In order to provide more accurate information about a video, Bing has taken a cue from YouT ...

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  • Apple to Upgrade Siri and Update Maps

    Today's Apple keynote at the Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco was full of big news, including plans to upgrade Siri and add real-time directions to Apple Maps. While Apple praised Siri's "industry leading" 40 percent accuracy, Siri will soon offer predictions based on behavior, making it more like Google Now, or what Apple is calling a "proactive assistant.

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  • Amazon Tops List of Most Visible Mobile Sites on Google

    A recent Searchmetrics performance study of 10 leading U.S. brands found that Amazon far outstripped its closest competitors in Google mobile search visibility. The study took the top 10 retail sites in the National Retail Federation's list of top 100 retailers and analyzed the search results of millions of Google search terms in order to formulate a mobile visibility score ...

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