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  • 15 Apps and Tools for Social Marketers on the Go

    Imagine every time you needed to make a phone call you only had a landline. It’s a feverish thought—but that’s the marketer’s equivalent of not having the right apps and tools on their mobile device. The right combination of apps will make your life a lot easier and won’t force you to be tethered to your desk.

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  • 14 Exciting New Things to Try on Social Media in 2018

    Each new year signals a new beginning—especially when it comes to your social media strategy. If you try new things on social this year that other brands aren’t doing, you have a much better chance of surprising your audience and engaging them. We’ve outlined all the major updates and new features for each of the major networks so you can incorporate them into your social mark ...

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  • What it Takes to Create a Great Social Video: A 10-Step Guide

    When it comes to producing great videos for social media that drive engagement and audience growth, there’s no perfect formula. But there are certain ingredients that can go along way to achieving success. In this guide we take you through Hootsuite’s own 10-step video creation process and tell you how we made one of our most successful videos to date (below). 1.

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  • Social Media Lessons from a Silicon Valley Veteran

    LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media networks in the world—experiencing a 1,000 percent growth rate in just over 10 years and boasting over 530 million users. At the helm of this powerful social network’s marketing department is chief marketing officer (CMO) Shannon Brayton. Brayton has over two decades of experience working for some of Silicon Valley’s most disruptive ...

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  • How One University Used Social Media to Raise $28M in a Single Day

    Attributing revenue to social media is a big challenge for businesses, but Purdue University may have cracked the code with their annual fundraising campaign. In 2017 they raised $28.2 million in single day—$10 million more than their single-day campaign in 2016. They also increased support from international donors by 87 percent.

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  • We Tried Running Ads on Instagram Stories. Here’s What We Learned

    In March 2017, Instagram release the Instagram Story ads feature to all business accounts. Hootsuite’s social marketing team quickly ran a series of tests using the new ad format. In this post we share with you what our team learned so that you’re set up for success when you give it a try. Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps an adventure photographer ...

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  • How a Powerful Social Campaign Went Viral Around the World

    Earlier this year, UN Women launched a bold social media campaign that received international attention, with millions of views and thousands of participants from around the globe. In this episode of the Hootsuite podcast, we chat with UN Women’s Dhatri Navanayagam on the strategy behind the campaign that the world could not ignore.

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  • 9 Little-Known Instagram Features You Should Be Using

    When you know absolutely everything a social network can do, you can surprise your audience and better engage them. There’s been a ton of exciting changes and updates for Instagram as of late. To help you stay on top of the latest features—and teach you how to use them—we’ve created this list. 9 things you didn’t know you could do on Instagram 1.

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  • How a Restaurant Chain Used Social Listening to Gain New Fans

    North American steak restaurant chain The Keg uses social media to find and create new brand advocates and customers in any city that they are located in. How do they do it? In this Hootcast episode, we chat with The Keg’s digital marketing manager May Yousif about how they find potential customers in unlikely places—and why social listening is core part of gaining new fans.

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  • How to Measure Social Engagement: Meaningful Relationship Moments

    In social media marketing, you hear over and over again that engagement is key to business success. But what’s the best way to measure your social media engagement? Tracking things like the number of comments on a post or the conversation rate are good places to start, but they fail to capture the heart of what engagement sets out to do: forge meaningful relationships with your audience.

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  • 10 Quick Social Media Ad Writing Tips From an Expert

    Good copywriting is necessary for any ad to be successful. But when you’ve got hundreds of tasks on the go, it can be difficult to give the content the attention it deserves. If you take the time to refine your craft, it will pay off with better engagement, more clicks, and lower costs. Our social media marketing specialist Gabrielle Maheux offers up tips to make your ad copy sing.

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  • Learn About GE’s Winning Social Media Strategy—Direct from the CMO

    General Electric is a leader on social media. By jumping on emerging social platforms and creating award-winning campaigns, they’ve set the tone for how big businesses should do digital marketing. In our latest Hootcast episode, our CEO Ryan Holmes chats with General Electric’s CMO Linda Boff about how their company has changed to keep up the rapid pace of tech—and how social ...

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  • 8 Essential Social Ads Tools to Help You Run Successful Campaigns

    When you’re running a social media ad campaign, the right toolkit will keep all your well-laid plans running effectively. We chatted with our social marketing specialist Gabrielle Maheux about the tools she uses when managing Hootsuite’s own social ad efforts. A toolkit for social ads managers AdEspresso by Hootsuite AdEspresso by Hootsuite allows us to do a number of importan ...

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  • How to Drive Business With Social: Tips from A Social Selling Expert

    Are you getting business results from your activities on social media? In our latest Hootcast podcast, we chat with social selling expert Koka Sexton about how to find and engage potential customers on social media. In this podcast you’ll learn: What social selling is and why it matters How to build long-term relationships on social Tips on how marketing and sales can ...

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  • What We Learned from Our Top-Performing Social Media Posts

    When you’re struggling to come up with new, exciting social content, it’s helpful to look back at your “North Star”—a past post that was really successful. By understanding what went well and why, you can set guidelines that will help you consistently produce high-performing content. We chatted with our social team about Hootsuite’s top-performing social posts, and they gave ...

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  • How One Brand Created a Hashtag That Attracts Millions

    Retailer Herschel Supply Company’s #WellTravelled hashtag attracts millions of users from around the world—and has become a shining example for how to do effective marketing on Instagram. In this episode of our Hootcast podcast, we sit down with Herschel’s community manager, Sheila Lam, and global marketing director, Mikey Scott, to chat about the strategy behind this powerful hashtag.

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  • How One Travel Brand Uses Social Media to Reach a Global Audience

    Social media continues to change the way we buy. As a global brand, how do you adapt to reach your customers? In this episode of the Hootcast podcast, we chat with Arnaud de Broves, digital marketing manager at leading hotel operator AccorHotels, about their strategy for reaching customers at every stage in the buyer journey.

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  • The 7 Most Creative Uses of 360 Video by Brands

    Watching your first 360 video is the equivalent of getting your first smartphone—it completely changes the user experience. Video is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience on social—on Facebook, for example, users watch 100 million hours every day. And 360 video doesn’t disappoint.

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  • How to Prove the Value of Social Media to Your CMO

    Have you ever sat through a presentation that wasn’t meant for you? You stare blankly at a screen of numbers and nonsensical acronyms, then you disengage after five minutes and daydream about your after-work bike ride. When you’re trying to prove the value of social media to your CMO—or even CEO—you can’t afford to lose their attention. Their time is precious.

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  • How One Retail Brand Used Instagram to Generate 150,000 Leads

    Are your social campaigns reaching new customers? In this episode of the Hootcast podcast, we sit down with Amanda Rotstein, digital editor at Roots Canada, who tells us how the retailery ran an Instagram campaign that got 150,000 leads. Hootsuite’s own social expert Amanda Wood follows that up with lessons from 2016 along with tips for your 2017 social strategy.

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