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  • 3 Ways to Monetize Differently and See More Results ~ Guaranteed!

    Everyone with an active blog can make money but some people make more money than others. As a matter of fact, traffic plays a big role in how much money you make from your blog. To an extent, the way you do the things you do can also play on how much you make. Without any increase in traffic, you can do some things differently and see more results.

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  • Copy My Three Top Ways I Make Money Blogging!

    I make money online and in this post, I want to share with you my three top ways I make money blogging. Blogging is just a way to create a marketplace. Once you’ve built a community of active readers, it will be quite easy to monetize and see results. First, I won’t recommend you jump into making money if you are just starting a blog.

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  • 11 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Must Not Make

    Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative online business. It’s one of the ways folks make money online without ever going through product creation and all that it involves. All you do is identify a product, sign up to its affiliate program, promote it, generate sales and get paid commissions. Affiliate Marketing Sounds Easy? Up to a point… however it relies on one simple but es ...

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  • 4 Fundamental But Unmentioned Reasons Bloggers Fail!

    I have read tons of articles that give us reasons and statistics why bloggers fail. Most of these articles focus on bloggers who are on the scene already and try to bring out some factors surrounding their blogging activities that can bring about failure. Some say the content isn’t good enough, others say it’s lack of promotion or a solid monetization strategy.

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  • How I Intend to Double My Income This Year

    This year and beyond, most of us have plans to achieve better results but the question is how are you going to do that? If we want better results this year, we must at least double our efforts in what we did last year and if possible, add more to it. We can’t expect more results while doing the exact same thing we did in the past.

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