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  • Adobe goes high end in podcast push

    For his next performance, esteemed English actor Malcolm McDowell, known for “A Clockwork Orange” and “The Artist,” will espouse the value of a mobile marketing strategy during your morning commute. Adobe has tapped McDowell and other actors to narrate its marketing white papers — basically advertising presented as research — turning the recordings into podcasts to promote Ado ...

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  • Why even popular music-streaming sites struggle

    8tracks is the Wikipedia of music streaming, with seemingly endless crowdsourced music playlists. But its audience is anything but encyclopedic in scope. While 8tracks is far from a household name, as Pandora and Spotify have become, the service has amassed a devoted cadre of fans who tune in to listen to crowd-curated playlists.

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  • Spotify faces an uphill battle to make a dent in video

    Spotify’s plan to build a digital video business has prompted equal parts excitement and skepticism across the media industry. The music-streaming company has been talking with media companies about potential video content partnerships, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. Time Inc. Maker Studios, Fullscreen and Tastemade are among the companies reportedly in talks with ...

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  • The pay-TV industry is bleeding subscribers

    Cord-cutting has graduated from media-panel buzzword to a real consumer behavior. In aggregate, U.S. pay-TV providers lost 31,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2015, a steep decline from the 271,000 subscribers they gained in the first quarter of 2014, according to research firm MoffettNathanson.

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  • How Elite Daily is building a millennial video strategy

    Elite Daily is on a familiar path for an upstart millennial publication. It has met early success with producing text articles made for social sharing, and it’s now looking to build on that with video. The millennial-aimed publisher, which was acquired by Daily Mail’s parent company DMG Media in January, doubled its video team from eight to 16 full-time employees last month.

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  • 4 things we learned about the music-streaming industry

    The audio landscape is maturing, with listenership growing alongside advertisers’ hopes for the medium. Late last week, executives from Pandora, Spotify and Triton Digital gathered for a panel at MediaOcean’s Manhattan office to discuss progress, frustrations and opportunities in the music-streaming industry.

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  • The growth of the digital TV ad market, in 5 charts

    Digital video is no longer an afterthought for television industry executives. While audience and revenue at most cable and broadcast networks either declined or remained flat last year, their digital video operations are growing at a healthy pace, according to a new report from video ad tech firm FreeWheel.

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  • The challenges of ads on YouTube Kids

    YouTube is coming for your children. On Monday, the video-streaming platform plans to release YouTube Kids, an Android app for tablets and smartphones that offers children a safe, simple YouTube experience. The app will feature original content from popular children’s programs, such as “Sesame Street” and “Yo Gabba Gabba,” as well as existing YouTube content safe for the young ...

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  • Almost famous: The semi-glamorous life of emerging YouTube stars

    One chilly morning in early February, The Kloons holed up inside an empty Brooklyn restaurant. A YouTube comedy trio, the group was shooting the latest installment of its “Switching Bodies” series, where Kloons member Mitch Lewis swaps souls with his girlfriend Lauren Zakrin. In the sketch, they experience life through each others’ eyes in some strange “Freaky Friday” scenario.

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  • YouTube makes a move against brand-sponsored videos

    YouTube is putting down the clamps on video creators who work directly with brands, nudging them instead to rely on Google’s sales team for deals. YouTube has quietly amended its ad policies to block “graphical title cards” from sponsors aiming to promote their brands and products on YouTube channels, according to a revised FAQ document in YouTube’s help and support section.

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  • One company’s quest for Latino video dominance

    There are 49 million digital video viewers in Mexico today — and MiTú Network wants every single one watching its videos. Digital video consumption is swelling in Latin America as well as the U.S. That has been a boon for multichannel network MiTú, which partners with video creators to serve the Latino population in the U.S. and abroad.

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  • 5 things we learned about digital’s effect on TV advertisers

    Television still sucks up more media spend than any other medium, but digital media has foisted change on the industry. Pity the poor chief marketing officer. Media consumption is more fragmented than ever before. One out of six millennials, for example, did not watch any original series on traditional TV sets over the last month, according to comScore.

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  • Inside The New York Times Instagram strategy

    To appeal to a new generation of news consumers, The New York Times is going all-in on Instagram. Over the past few weeks, the Times started new Instagram accounts for its video team, Lens photojournalism blog, sports desk and events department. Those four joined existing Times accounts for food, travel, fashion and T Magazine content.

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  • How Whistle Sports scored big in digital video

    In the competition for digital video dominance, the Whistle Sports Network racked up a few touchdowns before its competitors even made it to the field. While new multichannel networks emerge on a regular basis, Whistle Sports remains largely unchallenged by other digital video startups. The sports world is still dominated by mainstream media outlets, such as ESPN, FOX and NBC, ...

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  • The Young Turks new Facebook-centric video series

    Facebook’s video team has captured the attention — and production talent — of YouTube’s top news channel. On Monday morning, The Young Turks Network premiered the first episode of “Final Judgment,” a show the digital video news network created for its Facebook audience. Each episode of the video series features Young Turks founder and CEO Cenk Uygur rendering a judgment of the ...

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  • Why Condé Nast is courting YouTube stars

    Move over, Hamish Bowles. The new video star at Condé Nast is a YouTube personality. The publisher has struck a deal with Claudia Sulewski, who has more than a million subscribers on her BeyondBeautyStar YouTube channel, in an effort to expand its Teen Vogue YouTube channel. Sulewski will become Teen Vogue’s regular “YouTube host,” working with Teen Vogue editors and Condé Nas ...

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  • The measurement challenge facing podcast advertising

    Apple has been a big factor in the growth of podcasting, but it’s also a major force holding the medium back. Podcasts reached 65 million monthly unique listeners last month, according to podcast measurement firm RawVoice, which tracks over 25,000 shows. Apple drives the majority of that activity through iTunes and its now-default iOS podcast app.

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  • Digital distribution platforms for indie films, from Netflix to BitTorrent

    The distribution path for indie filmmakers has never been more convoluted. But it’s never been more exciting, either, with a slew of platforms offering creators new ways to reach viewers and monetize their films. BitTorrent used to exclusively cater to the music scene, for example, but the company has joined an increasingly crowded industry catering to filmmakers and video cre ...

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