Eric Couch

  • Recharge Your Remarketing With 5 Tips For Q4

    I’ll be honest: as a marketer, I love remarketing. A controversial opinion, I know. But it’s so novel, so versatile, and (usually) performs so well that I can’t help but feel compelled to write a love letter to it every once in awhile. (Which I have. Several times.) However, to get the most of your remarketing efforts, you can’t just set it and forget it — it needs some car ...

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  • Why You Can’t Hide From Mobile PPC

    "Mobile is coming." This Game of Thrones-esque quote has been thrown around a lot this past year, serving as an ominous warning of our mobile-dominated future. However, I'd argue that it's time to stop talking about mobile in the future tense and bring it to the present: for many of us, it's already here. We've already seen this transition in some of our longest-standing accounts.

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