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  • 7 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page Examples [with critiques]

    Psst: This post was published previously on the Unbounce Blog. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, we’ve updated it with helpful tips and critiques that will inspire your upcoming holiday campaigns. It’s that time again: Holiday shopping season. And every business is trying to take advantage of the billions of consumer dollars that will be spent over the next four weeks.

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  • 8 Examples of What Not to Do On Your Ebook Landing Page

    If visitors can’t judge your ebook by its landing page, then you won’t get any leads. Image by Karen Horton via Flickr. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, read ‘em now or download for later, ebooks are a great incentive for your lead gen landing pages. When framed attractively, they can help your company educate potential customers, fill your pipeline with qualified leads and position you ...

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  • Is Your Landing Page Suffering from Bad Copy? Here’s How to Fix It

    These pages suffer from a case of bad copy. Here’s what the doctor ordered. Image source. Copy is the lifeblood of your landing page. You can pour your heart and soul into the design of a page, but if your headline is boring or your body copy is irrelevant, it’ll all be in vain. Copy is so important that even minor changes (like changes to to a single word) can make a big d ...

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  • 8 Free Trial Landing Page Examples (With Testing Ideas)

    No idea what to test on your free trial landing page? Here’s a little inspiration. Image source. Your product is great, your customer service is honed and you want to attract new customers to your company. A free trial could be a great option to increase your leads, expose your business to the right market and sell more product.

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  • 8 Lead Gen Landing Pages That Can’t Close The Deal

    Why can’t marketing and sales just get along? Landing pages to the rescue… It’s an all too familiar battle: Marketing vs. Sales. The sales team is saying that we’re not providing good enough leads, and the marketing team is saying that the sales team isn’t following up correctly. This can lead to a divided culture that pits your marketing team against the sales team. But no one wins.

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