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  • Why Manual Link Building Will Never Be Obsolete

    I recently read an article titled, “SEO Practices That Will Become Obsolete By The End Of 2016” on (what is normally) a highly respected site. The author is someone I read and respect, but he made the claim that in 2016, manual link building will become obsolete. He has since edited the article and changed “Manual Link Building” to “Bulk Link Building.

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  • Defamatory Threats To Have Chilling Effect On Link Builders?

    By now, you have probably heard about how Google agreed to remove malicious links from the SERPs that damaged the reputation of a UK businessman. The settlement terms weren’t disclosed but likely involved specific actions on Google’s part to remove the defamatory material. You can read the details here: Google Settles UK “Defamation” Suit, Agreeing To Remove Malicious Links.

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  • Changing Existing Links: Perfectly Normal — Except When It Isn’t

    As this topic bounced around the SEO community, it took on a life of its own. Run a search on the phrase "Google May Trust Links Less," and you'll see how quickly a ten-day-old tweet can erupt online. There's been no official comment from Google about this, nor would I expect there to be, but let's take a step back and think this through before we panic.

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  • Why “Linksville” Is a Ghost Town: Link Building Is Moving In House

    Several years ago, I wrote a column here titled Why Link Building Must Go In-House. The main thesis of that column can be summed up with this quote: There are almost as many link building tactics as there are companies selling them. Google lists over a million. On more than one occasion, I have pretended to be in need of link building services just to engage in an email dial ...

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