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  • 5 Predictions For 2016 After Reaching “Peak Martech”

    It’s no surprise that modern marketers are technology-crazy, constantly searching for the latest innovative application to help optimize the customer lifecycle and gain a competitive advantage. But did you know that we have officially hit “peak martech?” That’s the word from technology guru and speaker Scott Brinker, who runs the highly influential blog.

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  • Martech Rising: Watch Out Google, Here Comes Facebook

    Google still ranks as the 800-pound gorilla on the advertising block, but if new usage data is any indication, it may be seeing stiffer competition from a familiar foe: Facebook. Facebook Custom Audiences, which marketers can use to retarget website visitors with more relevant advertising, nearly tripled in usage share in a year-over-year comparison among major enterprise we ...

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  • Are You Committing The 7 Sins Of Martech?

    Are you the master of your martech domain? Many of today’s marketers might be hesitant to respond in the affirmative, given the current jumbled landscape of siloed technologies, fragmented data sources, and missed opportunities. These days, the only way for marketing professionals to truly be in control is to try and avoid these seven deadly sins of marketing technology: Sin ...

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  • When To Deploy A Tag Management Solution: 8 Scenarios

    As you shore up your digital marketing plans for 2015, there are likely many technologies you’re thinking about deploying to generate results. If you’re an active marketer who is struggling to manage an increasing array of solutions and data sources, then tag management should be high on your list.

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  • 5 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Marketing Technologist

    A former boss of mine once opined that all marketers are “technophobes” — arguing that if technology applications were not extremely simple and easy to use, then, in the words of iconic New Jersey movie gangsters, fuggedaboutit! While I think many marketers tend to be creative types, I have seen a concerted effort by marketers to better understand and leverage technology, especially measureme.

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  • What Is Tag Management & Why Should You Care?

    Over the last 15 years, marketers have seen an explosion in the number of digital marketing tools available to them, from a few dozen major email, analytics and advertising services at the beginning of the century, to as many as 2,000 marketing cloud applications today, according to Scott Brinker of Sounds great for marketers, right? Yes and no.

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