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  • Using SlideModel to Launch and Run Your Business

    In today’s competitive business landscape, you must give yourself all the tools necessary to meet your customer’s needs as well as your financial goals. This means having a clear picture of your business model, revenue streams, projections, and a hundred other data points. Planning and data presentation tools like SlideModel can help you to not only plan your business, but kee ...

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  • Now and Later: 3 Ways to Shape Company Culture Over Time

    In what was arguably David Foster Wallace’s most famous speech, he told a story of two young fish who encounter an older fish as they’re swimming along one day. The older fish asks them how the water is. Puzzled, one of the younger fish asks the other what water is. The takeaway? “The immediate point of the fish story is that the most obvious, ubiquitous, important realities ...

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  • 4 Reasons Why Cyber Insurance Is Good for Small Business

    The headlines might carry news of cyberattacks against large companies, such as Target and Home Depot, but the greater reality is that small businesses are as likely, if not more likely to experience a cyberattack. By one estimate, the number of cyberattacks experienced by small- to mid-size businesses (SMBs) increased by more than 40 percent from 2015 to 2016.

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  • How to Calculate Your Profit Margin

    Simply put, profit is the amount of money you make on a sale after you subtract the cost of acquiring or producing the product. For example, let’s say you sell an item for $200 and it cost you $180 to get it. Your profit is $20. In this case, you’ll have a 10 percent margin on that sale. You sold it for $200, you made $20; 10 percent of 200 is 20.

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  • Retirement and Making Money After Work

    Retirement and Making Money After Work April 21, 2017 By Erik Emanuelli Leave a Comment I recently retired and was trying to find ways of keeping myself busy without annoying the wife! Usually I spend most of my day outside with the cars – I’ve always been a bit of an enthusiast; going to races and rallies and I have had my share of vintage motors.

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  • Does Video Actually Make a Difference?

    You sit down to make a call to someone in another country – perhaps a member of a team in a different sales department in your company’s headquarters in another region – and you wonder whether you two really have to sacrifice bandwidth and connectivity for video. Why not just make a simple call, and communicate over high-definition audio without the use of imagery? It might ev ...

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  • An Extra Income… What Are My Options?

    We could always do with a little more money, couldn’t we? A constant flurry of rising costs means we are all tightening our purse strings that little bit more with every passing year, and with the tightening comes more worry. Ever since the crash in 2008, the impact has been seen around the western world, and some of us are still feeling those repercussions.

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  • Build Your Websites Automatically!

    Recently I’ve come across a revolutionary system to build websites. This new platform is named and it lets you design websites automatically thanks to an artificial intelligence. Are you curious? Let’s see how it works. Building Websites with Creating a new site with Firedrop is like chatting to a real person, thanks to Sacha, the artificial intelli ...

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  • Improve Your Business Building Today

    Improve Your Business Building Today March 14, 2017 By Erik Emanuelli Leave a Comment When you are trying to build up a business from scratch, it often helps to have a few key things in order so that you can be more likely to build your business in a strong and positive way. The truth is, there are certain ingredients that all businesses need to have in order to be built i ...

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