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  • How to understand the value of content and measure digital emotion

    For a lot of marketers, managing the content measurement problem is a continuous challenge. Consumers click through online content while marketers record each click, but what kind of engagement is the content actually attracting? What is the overall impact of the content experience, and how does better measurement determine the strategy for future content marketing investment ...

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  • 7 ways your video content is missing the mark

    When it comes to creating engaging video content and optimizing the connection with your target demographic, brands need to have a clear video marketing strategy in place from the get-go. Goals must be defined, and your audience needs to be identified. Key performance indicators (KPIs) should be clarified beforehand, with a call to action front and center.

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  • Is The Next Marketing Technology Wave All About Better Creative?

    The first marketing technology wave of ad tech has been all about media, placement and timing, focusing on where to put your ad, who to show it to, when to show it. The idea was simple: Leverage web’s technology to target the ad better. But today, we see diminishing returns from this, as ad blocking and viewability challenge marketers’ ability to break through to customers.

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  • Are Millennials Speeding Up The Slow Death Of Interruption Marketing?

    Digital technology has revolutionized consumer behavior, but many marketers still rely on old interruption marketing techniques designed for the days of the 30-second TV spot: break consumers’ screen activity with a message or an offer, do it often enough and expect them to buy. Is anyone surprised that traditional online advertising just isn’t performing like it used to? Mi ...

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