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  • 5 Essentials for Practicing PR in Real-Time

    News happens fast, seemingly more so when you work in PR. You not only have to monitor the news but also respond to it with relevant, timely stories. You have to practice your PR in real-time. It’s a daunting task, but these five essentials can help turn it from impossible to possible. 1. Data Any real-time initiative is steeped in data.

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  • 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be an Early Adopter

    Ello, the much talked-about social network of late, has left many of us wondering if we should invest time in the site and, if we should, how to get into it. The site is invitation-only, so unless we know someone who knows someone, we’re pretty much stuck on the sidelines. That may not be such a bad thing. Let’s be early adopters! Early adopters always are lauded – after the fact.

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  • 3 Reasons Real Time Is Relevant to PR

    Real time tends to be associated with marketing – in no small part thanks to the quintessential Oreo “moment” – but the tactic perhaps more appropriately belongs to PR practitioners. PR pros often are better able to respond in the “now” than their marketing counterparts. They study trends, topics and keywords and know how to insert themselves into conversations.

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  • Who’s at the Center of Your PR Universe?

    Most brands know that “me, me, me” messages don’t resonate with the media or their audiences, but they may struggle to replace them with “you, you, you” ones. As Andrew Davis at Content Marketing World so eloquently put it, they’ve yet to shift the center of their PR universes to the customer. They’re trying, but it isn’t an easy thing to do. Still, they must try.

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  • It’s Time to Think of Your Content as a Party Bus

    Once upon a time, we were fed the fairytale “Build It and They Will Come.” Some of us doubted the tale while others plunged down the rabbit holes of SEO and paid advertising. We all emerged, more or less unscathed, from the story into a world where building something did not mean anyone would come. The party favors would not be shared. The piñata never hit. The cake, uneaten.

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  • Measuring Your PR Is Like Climbing Mt. Everest

    The moment I mention the words “big data,” “PR” and “measurement,” the room quiets. Crickets. I think I probably could hear a pin drop if one were to. Sideways glances and shuffling of feet. A cough. It’s like we’re all at the base of Mt. Everest wondering how we’ll ever get to the summit. We’re surrounded by our tools and data, but not one of us wants to take the first st ...

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  • Public Relations Isn’t Media Relations. So What Is It?

    Public relations isn’t media relations; at least, it’s no longer just media relations. PR now includes social media and content creation. As PR’s realm expands in those areas, it will also incorporate measurement. Data and analysis are the name of the game when it comes to the future of PR. PR isn’t just about media relations anymore.

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  • How to Master PR Measurement

    We sometimes view measuring our PR as a way to prove our worth to stakeholders, but measurement exists for another reason. According to Kami Huyse, founder of Zoetica Media, measuring and analyzing our data provides us with three results: Diagnose. We see what efforts worked and which ones didn’t. Prioritize. We can make more strategic decisions and make better plans for the future.

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  • Answer These 5 Questions to Tell a Better Story

    Stories are the bread and butter of the PR world. They’re what get accepted at guest publications, and they’re what pique people’s interest. That is, they generate media coverage and brand awareness and engagement. Telling a better story does mean revisiting the traditional story arc, but it also means writing for relevancy, clarity and cohesiveness, and emotion. 1.

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  • How to Turn Your Event into a PR Generator

    Events remain a favorite tactic among marketers and PR pros. It’s no wonder why; events self-perpetuate buzz, particularly as they become part of the established calendar. Just think about the upcoming Measurement Week. PR pros from around the world are taking part and hosting events in their hometowns.

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  • 3 Questions to Ask to Prepare Yourself for a PR Crisis

    If LEGO, the toy beloved by children and hated by parents’ feet, can become embroiled in a PR crisis, no brand is safe. The brand has a longstanding partnership with Shell, but its recent production of Shell-branded LEGOs has brought down Greenpeace’s wrath. LEGO responded to the environmental agency, but the response did little to alleviate concern or to clarify its stance on ...

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  • How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand

    When it comes to building your brand on Instagram, you basically have two options: you can create content yourself, or you can tap into your community and ask them to create it. Both are valid strategies for building brand on the social network, but they require different tactics and implementation.

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  • Your PR Holy Grail Is Not The Wall Street Journal

    When it comes to getting your story placed, you might be tempted to pursue high profile TV shows or news outlets like “The Wall Street Journal.” Nothing is wrong with those outlets, but they might not be the ones most beneficial to you and outcomes like awareness and sales. You’ll end up on a quest that only dead-ends rather than leads to your PR Holy Grail. Myth 1.

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  • 8 Steps to Finding Relevant News Outlets With Twitter Lists

    Most Twitter users are familiar with lists. They tend to use them to categorize followers according to what they do or where they live. It’s a valid use of lists, but it neglects a potential option with high dividends: using Twitter lists to find relevant news outlets. Such a use is attractive to PR professionals; they seek to place stories in outlets where their key audience ...

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  • Should Your Brand Be on Vine?

    Vine remains a somewhat new social network, which means its “shiny” factor is still intact. It’s exciting, fun and edgy and offers a creative challenge – creating a six-second video that shares your brand’s personality or story is no easy feat. All of those qualities are winsome, but they neglect a simple, but profound question: should your brand be on Vine? It’s important to pose the question.

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  • Grow Your Content Marketing Ecosystem: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    Content marketing is an ecosystem. It isn’t meant to exist in silos or to be the lone glass bottle left to itself on the side of the road. It’s supposed to work with other content ranging from social updates to white papers and videos. To achieve that ecosystem, content marketers needs to visit the “green” concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle.

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  • 6 Tools for Generating News

    Everybody’s crunched for time these days, and PR pros are no exception. You’re charged with managing relationships within and outside your organization, identifying stories and pitching opportunities, and making sure that social doesn’t run amok – and that’s just in the first hour of your workday. You could work harder, but your goal should be to work smarter.

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