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  • Measure Your PR Campaigns and Drive Bottom Line Results

    It comes as no surprise that measurement is key to driving results. Measurement allows for analysis and optimization, both of which are necessary to understanding what actions do and don’t work. The Fitbit, for example, allows people to monitor their calories, steps, weight and sleep, producing numbers they can use to improve their diet, physical activity and sleep habits.

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  • Save Time by Creating a Content Marketing Workflow

    Content marketing, despite the “marketing” found in its name, is a responsibility that often falls to PR pros. They write and publish news releases, case studies and blog posts. They may even augment their written content with visuals like infographics and Instagram posts. It’s a lot of content not only to create but also to manage, which raises the chances of some necessary ...

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  • Marketing Automation vs. Email Marketing: What’s the Difference?

    When it comes to purchasing marketing automation software, many marketing and PR professionals shy away from it because of the expense. Market Connections’ research, sponsored by Vocus, finds that 49 percent of marketers and PR pros consider marketing automation’s costs prohibitive. It’s not a surprise, then, that they view the software askance, particularly if they’re alread ...

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  • 5 Tips for Finding Your Invisible Customers

    Seventy percent of B2C customers look at product reviews before contacting a salesperson. The reality in the B2B world is the same. According to Avanade, 61 percent of business decision-makers view third-party sites and peer reviews as more important than conversations with a company’s salesperson. They are your invisible customers.

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  • 7 Ways Nonprofits Create Win-Win Partnerships With For-Profits

    Companies receive requests for support from nonprofits all the time. How can nonprofits stand out, capture attention and gain the support they need? Here are seven proven methods nonprofits can use to create a mutually beneficial program with for-profit businesses. 1. Research supporters’ interests. Post by Emancipet.

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  • 3 Ways to Turn Invisible Customers Visible

    I admit it: I am a website snob. I bounce if the site looks like a 1999 relic or if the thing was created in PowerPoint. Other pain points? Poorly written copy, load times, et cetera. I may give a site a few seconds if I think digging for some information is beneficial, but, generally, I leave. I’m not alone.

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  • How to Manage Your Marketing With Data

    “Big data” may be all the rage, but does it make a difference when it comes to your marketing efforts? If you know what links get more clicks, you can craft stronger calls to action. If you know what tone to strike with your audience, you can hone it so that you get better responses to your email newsletters, blog posts and other content pieces.

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  • Before You Measure, Fix Your Marketing

    Analytics prove marketing’s value, but analytics don’t mean a thing if the marketing “ain’t got that swing.” Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, uses more colorful language to make his point, but the gist is the same: design the experiences your customers want before you start to measure your efforts.

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  • What Is Content Shock and How Can You Beat It?

    Content shock is a term coined by Mark Schaefer. He defines it as the time when the amount of content available will be greater than people’s ability to heed and absorb it. In such an economy, marketing strategies will have to change so that their corresponding tactics reach the right people and achieve the desired results. To use an analogy, content shock is what happens every Christmas.

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  • Visual Vault: Gooooal!

    The World Cup is scoring big with social media in general and visual media in particular. Brands are using Instagram, Vine and Pinterest to share a personalized experience of the World Cup and to establish stronger brand memorability and sentiment. Pinterest may seem an odd choice for a live event, but its relatively new “Place Pins” feature harnesses the power of a dynamic ev ...

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  • An Immutable Law of Branding: Focus

    It comes as no surprise that we live in an over-communicated society. There’s too much media. Too much noise. How do we cut through the clutter and garner the attention and sales we desire? Branding expert Laura Ries says the only way to accomplish both is to simplify. We have to focus, and we often have to focus on a single word.

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  • Will You Survive the New PR Era? Here’s 10 Tips

    PR is changing, and the role of the PR professional is following suit. The PR person isn’t cutting out clippings from the newspapers or writing press release upon press release; in the digital era, the PR person has ceased with some activities, continued with others, and added some new ones. Those new roles, according to Sarah Evans, include strategy, production, writing, edi ...

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  • Visual Vault: The Game is On

    What’s a social network without a little competition? Instagram boasts competitions of varying flavors. The pooches are after likes; the people are after numbers; and the brands are after eyeballs. Instagram’s advertising platform is growing. The network is slowly rolling it out internationally. First to curry the benefit are Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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  • Go Big for Your Niches: 11 Keys to Creating Content That Sells

    Content marketing may be all the rage, but how do you cut through the noise when everyone, including your audience and your competitors, is creating content? Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, says it comes down to creating content that is useful, empathetic and inspired. Ann speaking at Demand Success 2014.

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  • How to Succeed in a (Dot) Complicated World

    What happens when a proponent for digital transformation encounters the expected and unintended consequences of it? It’s a question that defines how Randi Zuckerberg, author of Dot Complicated and former Facebook marketing lead, lives and leads her life as a wife, mother, entrepreneur and recent Broadway star.

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  • How to Survive a Social Media Crisis

    Hacked Twitter accounts. Capitalizing on a national or international tragedy or historical event. Disgruntled employees on a rampage. Automated replies. All factors in social media crises. How to survive when one occurs? As with any kind of literal storm, preparation is the first line of defense. Brands have to understand they are in the publishing space.

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  • Visual Vault: Weddings, Fashion and Sports

    Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to barbecue, play ball, and, for some, tie the proverbial knot. Brands and personalities are exploring all three events on Instagram. Didn’t get an invitation to the wedding or couldn’t attend the nuptials? No worries. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shared their wedding on Instagram.

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  • 3 Cause Marketing Tips from a Nonprofit Veterinary

    A lot goes into any cause marketing campaign. Nonprofits have to determine what type of campaign to use. They have to pitch potential for-profit partners. They have to develop a strategy – in conjunction with the for-profit – for how to publicize it. They have to do all those things, but they may want to consider the following three tips in order to have more successful campaigns: 1.

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  • Future Proof the Customer Experience: Tips from Brian Solis

    The digital transformation is upon us, Brian Solis says, and it affects the way we behave and interact with the world. As businesses try to catch up with our ever-increasing digital behavior, they find themselves asking the question, “What would our digital customers do?” Companies that anticipate the future of marketing and business don’t look at singular tactics like social ...

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  • The 5 Keys to Building Better Lead Paths

    This post is an excerpt from Vocus’ “Take Control of Your Data and Build Better Lead Paths” guide. If modern consumers’ hearts revolve around great brand experiences, it’s intelligent lead paths that help marketers create them. Lead paths guide prospects along the buying cycle and provide them with relevant, timely content that encourages them toward making a purchase.

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