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  • Attract and Keep Customers with Chris Brogan’s ‘Freaky’ Concepts

    Businesses want more customers, but they face challenges in attracting and keeping them. Chris Brogan, in his recent Vocus webinar, says that the challenges are three-fold: people are too busy, meaning it’s harder to capture their attention; people are afraid they’ll be treated like numbers; and businesses don’t address internal challenges like limited time, money and attention ...

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  • Visual Vault: Raising Awareness

    Instagram is ideal for building awareness but not merely brand awareness. People and organizations are using the network to increase awareness about social causes and issues. Gan Chin Lin uses Instagram as a way to recover from and cope with an eating disorder. Lin’s work of cooking, baking and taking photos has turned into a passion; she calls herself an “advocate for a healt ...

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  • 14 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Demand Success 2014

    Demand Success, on June 5-6 in Washington, DC, is the must-attend marketing and PR conference of the year. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from and speak with thought leaders in the industry; network with potential collaborators and customers; and enjoy the tourist attractions in the nearby area.

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  • Improve Sales With Better Lead Nurturing Programs

    Businesses, whether selling to other businesses or consumers, all have an interest in improving their bottom lines. Two tactics define the ones that see the most improvement. First, they implement lead nurturing programs that cross channels and devices. Second, those programs are systematic and repeatable.

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  • Visual Vault: Celebrities, Art and Advertising

    Instagram attracts a variety of people and brands, and not one of them uses the network in exactly the same way as another. Big-name celebrities like Beyonce and smaller ones like newly drafted NFL players. Taco Bell and Hollister. Birds Eye frozen food. Well-known fine artists to unrecognized art teachers – until said teachers are immortalized on the Instagram blog.

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  • Infographic: 2014 Social Media Trends

    We have a guide to social media trends; we have cheat sheets for some of the most popular and newly popular social networks; and now we have an infographic of social media best practices. Our visual guide offers tips and tricks for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr, Vine, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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  • How to Turn B2B Leads into Sales

    If you’re in business, be it B2B or B2C, you know that leads are essential to sales. In particular, you know that qualified leads result in more closed sales as well as happier employees and customers. Qualified leads are interested in what you do or sell, making the final purchasing decision that much easier for the latter and that much easier to pitch for the former.

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  • What’s the Future of Content Marketing?

    Every technological innovation or “disruption” produces an increase in content consumption. The next innovation, according to Mark Schaefer in his recent Vocus webinar, will be wearables, augmented reality and filters. All three pieces relate to data, i.e., content. Wearables and augmented reality produce it while filters like Zite help consumers control it.

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  • Visual Vault: What’s in Vogue?

    From Instagram to Vine, people and brands use visual and rich media to show their love and appreciation for the people and things that mean the most to them. If this week’s themes are any indication, the people and things in vogue are fashion, animals, public art, Star Wars and moms. Vogue takes its models to the streets of New York, resulting in instant “Instagram paparazzi.

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  • Ignite Your Business at Demand Success 2014

    Ignite: Business Revolution is your opportunity to hear nine revolutionary business ideas from nine, different thought leaders in the span of a single hour. Each leader is given five minutes, 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds, and the floor from which to speak. If you haven’t seen an Ignite session, you should.

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  • Visual Vault: Celebrate Giving

    Instagram may be the home of the #selfie, but nonprofits are using the social network to build their brands, foster support and community around social issues and causes, and encourage giving. San Antonio Pets Alive uses Instagram to show pet adoptions in action. They may be capitalizing on the love most people have for animals, but the tactic works.

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  • Visualize the Future of Social Media Now

    This post is an excerpt from The Marketer’s Guide to Social Media 2014. Social media trends are ever changing. It’s impossible to forecast what may be rocking social media two years from now. That being said, some trends have more longevity than others, and will, at the very least, prove “disruptive” across all social media channels. A trend is proven by both data and action.

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  • Sebastian Turner’s 4 Tips for Successfully Sponsoring Content

    Twitter is “live, public, and conversational,” says Sebastian Turner in his Vocus webinar about sponsored content. He uses the recent Academy Awards as an example. During the broadcast, 14.7 million tweets were shared. Ellen DeGeneres’ “Samsung Selfie” received 3.4 million retweets. Well-known names weren’t the only ones to participate in the Academy Awards conversation.

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  • Visual Vault: Food, Glorious Food

    Instagram may have made a name for itself with the #selfie and #foodporn, but a network has to be known for something. Why not a fascination with the human face and the things people consume? This week’s visual vault takes a closer look at the #foodporn side of things. 1. A list of food-related brands may, in fact, be incomplete without a mention of Oreo.

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  • How to Turn Data-Informed Insights into Conversation Starters

    Every brand looks for insights into what their customers do and why they do it. They take those insights and typically generate reports, pie charts and data sheets for their stakeholders. The actions are necessary and can even be beneficial, but they are somewhat limiting. Insights need to be more than interesting tidbits of information shared with supervisors, executives, bo ...

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