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  • Contently Case Studies Flipbook: The Finance Industry

    Finance companies have to navigate an unusual dynamic: People struggle with personal finance, but most of them don’t trust the finance industry. How can brands bridge that gap and connect with consumers? A recent Contently survey on millennials and finance found that 30 percent of the young GIF-lovers did not trust finance companies, while 43 percent were unsure.

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  • The Legally Hazy World of Cannabis Marketing

    In the November 2016 elections, marijuana lit up the ballot. Voters in California, Massachusetts, and Nevada legalized recreational marijuana. In Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas, constituents approved medical marijuana measures. And in Montana, where a restrictive 2011 law threatened to shut down dispensaries, voters chose to protect and expand access to medical cannabis facilities.

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  • These Metrics Will Help You Master Lead Attribution

    I grew up playing one of the least glamorous positions on my soccer team: left defender. I wasn’t the forward who scored the goals or the keeper who made the heroic saves. No, I was responsible for stymieing the offense and starting the chain of passes that would put our strikers in position to score.

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  • 5 Factors That Could Impact Your Content Strategy in 2017

    Nobody wishes you luck unless you’re an underdog. In Hollywood, our favorite protagonists like Rocky, Luke Skywalker, and Elle Woods all hear the words of encouragement from friends and mentors before they take on a crucial challenge. But wishing someone luck also comes with the understanding that these protagonists may fail. (The subtext: Good luck because you’ll need it.

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  • 9 Standout Stories Our Clients Created in 2016

    Two entrepreneurs meet at a cafe to discuss music and books in six languages. A young mother examines the sonogram of her son, relieved she will give birth to a healthy child. Doctors examine patient data to understand how prescription patterns play a role in the heroin epidemic. While these subjects sound like Netflix documentary recommendations, they are, in fact, the focus ...

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  • 36 Case Studies That’ll Help You Understand Content Marketing ROI

    Content marketers are obsessed with tying their work to ROI, and rightfully so. Whether you create content to drive brand awareness, generate leads, or spark a sale, you have a responsibility to show the tangible impact of your investment. ROI means different things to different people, but on a basic level, it’s just proof that your department knows what it’s doing.

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  • Why All Brands Need an Editorial Workflow

    When I first imagined being an editor in New York City, I saw myself tucked away beside a fireplace in a cozy cafe—article and red pen in hand. While this fantasy remains a weekly ambition, it looks nothing like my actual life as a digital editor in 2016. Unlike my fireplace reverie, digital publishing involves a regimented system of checks and balances.

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  • Webinar: How to Leverage Content Across the Enterprise

    Marketing analyst Rebecca Lieb likes to say, “Content is the atomic particle of marketing.” But as we get closer to 2017, we should probably tweak that to: “Content is the atomic particle of all communications.” For the last few years, marketers have tapped into the power of storytelling by creating content that inspires brand awareness, promotes thought awareness, and generates leads.

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  • Here’s Why Infographics Outperform Blog Posts

    For months, my health-nut brother has encouraged me to develop a meal plan. (“Dumplings are not a food group, Erin.”) To humor him, I decided to map out what I would eat. Suddenly, my menu was no longer determined by drunken noodle cravings. I started to classify food by value. I organized components into categories—protein, fats, grains, and vitamins—that would provide enough ...

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  • Contently Case Story: Inside Babbel’s Global Video Strategy

    Two polyglots sit down for coffee and croissants in a cozy Berlin apartment. “I try to speak Portuguese because I really like Brazilian music,” Erika explains in Portuguese. “But why?” Matthew asks in Italian. “Because you like samba or bossa nova music, or do you like fado?” “Well, I also like Portuguese music from Portugal, fado, but it’s very sad,” she responds, switching ...

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  • Webinar: The CMO’s Guide to Hiring for Content

    One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make is to hire someone for a content role without first considering whether that person is equipped to execute within the company’s larger content strategy. Some people excel as creators, writing and editing till it’s time to go home. Others have a knack for the marketing side, understand how content ultimately fuels and serves an entire corporation.

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  • How We Built Our Content Marketing Stack to Drive 10x ROI

    Five years ago, the term “marketing stack” was barely used outside of discussions between the most tech-savvy CIOs and CMOs. There were roughly 150 tools you could use to manage how people interacted with your brand. If you were enough of a marketing geek, you could memorize them over your morning coffee. The scene has changed dramatically since then.

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