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  • Infographic: Which Industries Have the Best Content Marketing?

    Storytelling has always been part of content marketing’s DNA. Our co-founder delved into its benefits here and here. Our director of strategy philosophized about it here. Our managing editor considered its complications here. The reason for such emphatic coverage is simple: Great stories leave an emotional resin on readers, imprinting them in a way traditional marketing copy does not.

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  • How Content Marketing Technology Can Solve Your Sales Enablement Woes

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Marketing and sales, despite working toward a common revenue goal, have a difficult time aligning. Marketing brings in the leads, but sales doesn’t like them. Sales sells the product, but marketing doesn’t like how they sell it. Molly Soat, editor-in-chief at the American Marketing Association, puts it best: “Aligning sales and marketin ...

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  • Can Tesla Ride Earned Media Forever?

    In the summer of 2014, an unassuming patch of Nevada desert became home to a building that could reshape the way we think about transportation. That swath of dry land, now known as the Gigafactory, is the lithium ion battery factory where Elon Musk and his team at Tesla are building the material that will power over one million electric vehicles annually by 2020.

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  • How 3 Companies Use Contently Talent to Engage Their Key Stakeholders

    The life of a content marketer is a series of uphill battles. It’s hard enough to secure budget for content. Then comes the task of devising and implementing a content strategy that has clear goals and a business impact. By the time brands get to the part of their journey where they actually get to create content, they’ve often exhausted a ton of energy and resources.

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  • Infographic: What It Takes to Create a Piece of Content

    When you walk into Contently’s HQ, the first thing you see is a wall painted with the words: “Those who tell stories rule the world.” In addition to serving as permanent quirky fixture of our interior design, it’s become the defining message of who we are and what we offer. As marketers get to know us better, they want to know how we help brands create content that has a meani ...

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  • Contently Case Studies Flipbook: The Finance Industry

    Finance companies have to navigate an unusual dynamic: People struggle with personal finance, but most of them don’t trust the finance industry. How can brands bridge that gap and connect with consumers? A recent Contently survey on millennials and finance found that 30 percent of the young GIF-lovers did not trust finance companies, while 43 percent were unsure.

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  • The Legally Hazy World of Cannabis Marketing

    In the November 2016 elections, marijuana lit up the ballot. Voters in California, Massachusetts, and Nevada legalized recreational marijuana. In Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas, constituents approved medical marijuana measures. And in Montana, where a restrictive 2011 law threatened to shut down dispensaries, voters chose to protect and expand access to medical cannabis facilities.

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  • The Content Marketing Brand Management Checklist

    Brand management is a little bit like dental hygiene: Those who avoid it are going to end up with big problems that easily could’ve been avoided. Yet marketers who fail to comply with brand standards and legal safeguards risk losing more than just a tooth. These failures often cost content marketers their credibility and, in some cases, their jobs.

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  • These Metrics Will Help You Master Lead Attribution

    I grew up playing one of the least glamorous positions on my soccer team: left defender. I wasn’t the forward who scored the goals or the keeper who made the heroic saves. No, I was responsible for stymieing the offense and starting the chain of passes that would put our strikers in position to score.

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  • 5 Factors That Could Impact Your Content Strategy in 2017

    Nobody wishes you luck unless you’re an underdog. In Hollywood, our favorite protagonists like Rocky, Luke Skywalker, and Elle Woods all hear the words of encouragement from friends and mentors before they take on a crucial challenge. But wishing someone luck also comes with the understanding that these protagonists may fail. (The subtext: Good luck because you’ll need it.

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  • 9 Standout Stories Our Clients Created in 2016

    Two entrepreneurs meet at a cafe to discuss music and books in six languages. A young mother examines the sonogram of her son, relieved she will give birth to a healthy child. Doctors examine patient data to understand how prescription patterns play a role in the heroin epidemic. While these subjects sound like Netflix documentary recommendations, they are, in fact, the focus ...

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