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  • How publishers can solve the 3 biggest challenges to audience engagement

    Keep readers on your site longer This ebook provides an in-depth look at how reader's find and consume content on a publisher's website. Factors, such as traffic source and device type determine how readers locate a site. And, once they arrive, there are a number of actions pu ...

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  • Is 2016 the year of OTT?

    by Tom Herman, CEO, DashBid With demand for premium video advertising at an all-time high how can so much prime inventory go unsold? The answer is simple: It won’t for much longer. This year, powerful factors are coalescing to give ad buyers the reach they crave, and publishers the revenue they deserve.

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  • How to make your header-bidding container solution work for you

    by Tim sheets, Senior Director of Monetization, OpenX Header-bidding is among the most novel mechanisms to allow for the integration of programmatic demand into a publisher’s ad server, so it’s critical to get it right. For publishers, the benefits of obtaining full and fair value for all ad inventory through a competitive programmatic marketplace is clear.

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