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  • The Difference Between AdTech and MarTech

    The Wall Street Journal recently reported that venture capitalists see greater value in marketing technology (or MarTech) than advertising technology (or AdTech), simplifying the difference down to a matter of billing structure. AdTech tends to follow a “media-based” business model, whereas MarTech relies on “subscription-based” model.

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  • Focus on Viewability, But Don’t Make It a Goal

    by Tyler Hampton, director of product marketing, Turn It seems like a total no-brainer: No one wants to pay for ads that can’t be seen. But viewability is just one factor in an effective campaign. Focus too narrowly on it, and you can compromise targeted reach, conversions and brand lift, and you risk overspending on a parameter that’s not generating nearly enough value.

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  • What Dollar Shave Club knows about turning content into customer loyalty

    “I have always believed in the power of videos to tell stories,” says Michael Dubin, Founder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club. At first glance, you wouldn’t suspect that a sentence like that to be described as an “inspirational quote” in an archive like entrepreneur.wiki. If that’s the case, then you also probably didn’t see the laugh-out-loud funny video that Dubin made when intro ...

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  • Is 2016 the year of OTT?

    by Tom Herman, CEO, DashBid With demand for premium video advertising at an all-time high how can so much prime inventory go unsold? The answer is simple: It won’t for much longer. This year, powerful factors are coalescing to give ad buyers the reach they crave, and publishers the revenue they deserve.

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  • How to make your header-bidding container solution work for you

    by Tim sheets, Senior Director of Monetization, OpenX Header-bidding is among the most novel mechanisms to allow for the integration of programmatic demand into a publisher’s ad server, so it’s critical to get it right. For publishers, the benefits of obtaining full and fair value for all ad inventory through a competitive programmatic marketplace is clear.

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