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  • 5 SEO Considerations to Win with both Customers and Search Engines

    When it comes to your SEO strategy, are you more focused on optimizing for customers or search engines? In 2015 (and the probable future), the only correct answer is both. Mobile Responsive This probably isn’t news to anyone with a pulse, but mobile internet usage has grown exponentially over the past few years and mobile search has kept pace.

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  • The New Era of SEO: Optimize for People Before Searchbots

    Dating back to when the first mainstream consumer search engines became available in the mid-nineties, digital marketers have desired to see their businesses succeed in the lucrative but often confusing search marketing landscape. And thus search engine optimization (SEO) was born. Twenty years later, we’ve certainly come a long way, both in terms of the capabilities of searc ...

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  • Web Analytics Tips: Getting More from Google Analytics with Jeff Sauer #MNSummit

    Google Analytics is used by more than 10 million websites, but the majority of digital marketers and businesses are merely scratching the surface of what this powerful free tool can do. As Jeff Sauer says, “any report that is one click away in Google Analytics isn’t worth your time”. In his fascinating and super actionable presentation at MNSearch Summit 2015, Jeff shared som ...

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  • Essential SEO Considerations For Any Website Migration

    Sometimes implementing a website migration an essential part of doing business in a digital world. There are a variety of reasons why a company may choose to migrate from one host to another. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to remember that your website is your virtual calling card to prospective customers and sometimes a website migration is a necessary step in provi ...

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  • Top Digital Marketing Takeaways From Authority Rainmaker

    What does it take to become an authority in your industry? How can we make better sense out of an integrated approach to digital marketing? According to the presentations we saw at Authority Rainmaker 2015, it takes the passion to learn and pursue knowledge, the expertise that warrants credibility and respect of your peers and the time and effort to earn your place as an industry thought leade.

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  • Danny Sullivan on the State of Search Marketing in 2015

    To say there have been major changes in search marketing in recent times would be a big understatement. From the increased complexity and intelligence brought about by several Google search algorithm updates to the meteoric rise of mobile device usage, search marketers have had plenty to keep them busy.

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  • Content Marketing: 6 Steps to Building a Massive Audience

    Joe Pulizzi has been a content marketer before content marketing had a name. While working at a media company in the Custom Publishing department, he had dreams of starting a small business, which he eventually did in 2007 by starting a blog about content marketing. Fast forward 3 years later and he had built Content Marketing Institute, which is well-known today as a source ...

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  • Evil Tips for Landing Page Optimization – Sonia Simone

    Is marketing evil? Sonia Simone kicked off her Authority Rainmaker 2015 presentation with a question that has certainly been asked before. Unfortunately we’ve all come across misguided campaigns that seem intended to trick people rather than help them. But that’s not how it’s supposed to be. “Like brushing your teeth before going out on a date, marketing is about putting a go ...

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  • The New Era of Sales and Content Marketing #Authority2015

    This week’s forecast calls for heavy rain. Not from the sky, but from the stage at Authority Rainmaker 2015, hosted by CopyBlogger. The conference got off to a bang with an electrifying keynote from Daniel Pink, speaker and author of To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others. According to Daniel, the buying experience has changed more in the last ten years th ...

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  • Authority Rainmaker 2015: Conference Peaks & Previews

    Did you know that there are 58 mountains in Colorado with an elevation over 14,000 feet? Known as the “Fourteeners”, ascending all of these peaks is a lifelong goal for many avid climbers. What better setting to learn about Online Marketing from the authorities on the subject. This year, Copyblogger’s Authority Rainmaker 2015 will be held in Denver Colorado, with a full view ...

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  • Where Does Search Fit in Digital Marketing in 2015?

    What does search fit in your digital marketing program? If you answered ‘with the SEO department’, you’re certainly not alone, as many marketers and businesses owners still use the traditionally siloed approach to search marketing, leaving the SEO folks to do their work, separate from the social, paid and content marketing teams.

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