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  • Secrets of Effective Online Communication [Event Recap]

    How to communicate effectively online? Is there a universal path to follow when planning communication or is it industry-specific? How do you establish effective digital communication with customers based on their behavior patterns? We tried to find the answers to those questions during our exclusive networking event in Gdansk, Poland, where the GetResponse HQ is located.

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  • Instagram Tips From Celebrity Chefs To Engage Your Audience

    Instagram has been widely talked about as of lately. First, the new logo, that people seem to be having a love-hate relationship with. And now, after months of speculations, the company has confirmed (and brought to life in every account) that changes in the post algorithm are going to happen for sure, making the Instagram feed closer to Facebook in style.

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  • Why Should You Care About LinkedIn Endorsements?

    Did you know that adding skills to your LinkedIn profile gives you 13x more profile views compared to people who don’t have them listed? Aside from the fact that recruiters can search for people with specific skill sets (source), LinkedIn skill endorsements are a great way to establish yourself as a well-rounded professional. You just have to play the cards right.

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