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  • Online and Offline Design Ideas: Creating A Consistent Brand

    Design is an essential part of any company’s branding. Customers tend to identify brands and define them by their logo, their look and feel, and anything that conjures up a sense of familiarity. Today, an organization’s digital presence is generally the focal point of all strategies and approaches given its significance to users, however in terms of design, it’s important to no ...

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  • Logo Update: 5 Tips to Rebranding Your Logo Design

    Like most aspects of online marketing, your logo has a certain shelf life and should be redesigned over time in order to give your brand refreshed and up-to-date image. These changes, even if they are subtle, are necessary in order to stay relevant and keep your company identity fresh in the eyes of consumers.

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  • 10 Design Presentation Tips to Win the Hearts of Any Client

    For anyone unfamiliar with public speaking or sharing their ideas in front of a large group, the idea of a presentation can be overwhelming. For some people, even presenting in front of a few people can cause jitters. However, at most companies where teamwork or creativity is encouraged, presentations are a common occurrence and mastering presenting skills is crucial as a result.

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  • Free vs Paid Fonts: Finding The Right Typography for Your Website

    Visual content on the web appears in a variety of different styles. From motion graphics and video, to pictures and interactive maps, there are lots of unique opportunities to display images. However we can’t disregard the power of good ol' fashioned text as the primary method for getting the message of your content across.

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  • The Logo Design Process: A Complete Guide for Your Business

    Strong brand awareness, or the extent to which your company is appropriately recognized for what you do, is necessary for business success. To foster this sort of association between your brand and the services you offer or products you sell, a distinct, well-designed logo that represents your brand identity is crucial.

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