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  • CEI 105: Newsjacking with David Meerman Scott

    Breaking news is all around us in our everyday lives, but we don’t always think of using breaking news in our business. That’s where David Meerman Scott comes in. David has written ten books in the last 12 years, mostly centered around online marketing, sales, and content creation. He’s also the person who defined the term “newsjacking” and made it popular about two or three years ago.

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  • CEI 104: Building Your Quiet Power Strategy with Tara Gentile

    As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to leverage our abilities and improve our business. But what we don’t often think about is how we can use what’s already original and unique about us to really push our business forward. That’s the essence of the Quiet Power Strategy, a new book released by Tara Gentile, one of our favorite podcast guests.

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  • CEI 103: Going Away on Business Retreats with Danny Iny

    Sometimes, you just need to get away. In a professional setting like running your own business, this often means going on a retreat. A business retreat is a great time for your team to connect with each other, think about big picture strategy and refresh and recharge themselves for the work ahead. Firepole Marketing has gone on retreat twice before, and we’re gearing up for ou ...

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  • CEI 101: The Cutting Edge of Indie Publishing with Sean Platt

    If you are new to our podcast, you may also be new to Sean Platt, the author of Write. Publish. Repeat. Sean is also our most interviewed guest on the show, and it’s not hard to see why! Not only does Sean run a successful online business, he’s also a successful online author and self-publisher. Today, Danny catches up with Sean to talk about the business of being a writer.

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  • CEI 098: Pivoting Your Business with Melissa Anzman

    As your business grows, it will change, and that’s true of yourself as the business owner as well. The act of deciding to change the direction of your business is often called “pivoting,” and it can be scary if you’ve never done it before. That’s why we invited Melissa Anzman, of Launchyourself.com, onto today’s show.

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  • CEI 096: Podcasting and Conversions with Tim Paige

    We know you’re listening to our podcast, but have you heard the ConversionCast podcast? Today, we have their host, Tim Paige with us who is the conversion educator at LeadPages. Tim was an entrepreneur himself who left to join Clay over at LeadPages. Today, he tells us why he made the switch, how he’s met a ton of super knowledgeable, super interesting people with his podcast ...

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  • CEI 095: The Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur with James Clear

    Over the last year, James Clear has made a name for himself as a productivity and creativity master. He’s also built an audience-based business with 90,000 subscribers in less than 1 year! Today, Danny’s sitting down with James to talk about how James used his own productivity habits to build his successful new business – and how you can use those same habits to be more produc ...

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  • CEI 094: Getting Traction for Your Business with Justin Mares

    We hear it all the time: We have a great idea. We start a business or build a product, and then we realize that we don’t have the audience or traction to sell the product and sustain that business. It’s a common problem and also an avoidable one. Today we are sitting down with Justin Mares, the co-author of Traction: A Start up Guide to Getting Customers.

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  • CEI 093: How to Scale Your Business with Jeff Hoffman

    Have you ever looked at a company like Priceline and wondered, “How did they get from entrepreneur to multimillion dollar business?” The way to get from point A to point B is by scaling your business. And today, Danny sits down with Jeff Hoffman, a Priceline partner and author of Scale, to talk about what scaling means, how it applies to your business, and how he’s used it to ...

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  • Ask The Readers: Do You Apologize For Your Prices?

    One of the hardest things about running your own business is figuring out what to charge. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to price your consulting package, your self price for your newest set of binoculars, or the latest in your ebook series about urban fantasy pink unicorns. Tweet it! The bottom line is: pricing your stuff is hard. But it has to be done, and so you do it.

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