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  • Why Content Should Be Your Product, Not a Marketing Tactic

    Published 1 min ago 1 “Content marketing is just solving the same problems that your product solves through media you create and promote.” This quote by Jay Acunzo of NextView ventures in his post Should Startups Blog? stopped me cold and made me re-think content marketing forever. Why did it have such an effect on me? Because it stated an obvious point I had directl ...

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  • Shortcut to ROI With the ‘Modified Content Marketing’ Approach

    Published 1 min ago 29 Content marketing has become one of the dominant, if not the dominant form of online marketing today. But frankly, it takes a lot of time to work. At least that’s what I hear from some of my clients. I know we’re supposed to tell our clients, bosses and stakeholders that content marketing takes patience—that we shouldn’t treat it like a campaign.

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  • How to Enter the U.S. Market Using Content

    Content Marketing, Executive's Corner, Owned Media At $17.5 trillion the U.S. economy is the largest in the world. To successfully sell your goods or services in the U.S. is to make it big, to finally arrive. Unfortunately the waters on the way to the U.S. can be rough. Many bright-eyed sellers from Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America, with high hopes and dreams of abun ...

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  • Why Content Marketing Won’t Solve Your Marketing Problem

    Content Marketing, Owned Media Are content marketers being asked to become miracle workers? A few years ago social media was the answer to all a company’s marketing woes. Now it seems like content marketing is the new miracle cure. The more content you create, the more Google will love you, the more opportunity you have to attract prospects, and the more you’ll create the st ...

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  • Content Accountability: Make Every Asset Pulls Its Weight

    Content Marketing, Owned Media “Just 36% of CMOs have quantitatively proven the short-term impact of marketing spend. That figure drops to 29% when demonstrating long-term impact.” These disturbing statistics were from Paul Roetzer’s presentation at this year’s Content Marketing World, 7 Steps to Becoming a Performance Driven Content Marketer.

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