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  • Jeremy Johnson – Not Guilty

    Share ! tweet Jeremy Johnson is dreaming of the jury’s verdict every night…wishing for a “Not Guilty” verdict. But what’s the probability of a criminal defendant actually beating the FEDs? The US Department of Justice reported a 93% conviction rate in 2012 for all criminal defendants. The odds are clearly stacked against defendants.

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  • 1 Easy Way To Evaluate Performance Marketing Vendors

    Share ! tweet It seems like every month there’s a new CPA network, fulfillment center, CRM etc. in this industry. They each have their own little gimmicks such as offerings with the lowest prices, fastest shipping, or some other upside over well established players. Starting many of these services has as low of a barrier-to-entry which allows shit bags to ripoff cost conscie ...

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  • Will Jeremy Johnson Beat the Feds?

    Share ! tweet Today the prosecution rested in the Jeremy Johnson case. Bottom line is that Wells Fargo has no losses from the shell companies Johnson setup to acquire merchant accounts to perpetuate his scams, however the prosecution does not need to prove that Well Fargo lost money to show bank fraud.

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  • Jeremy Johnson Case Exposes Massive Merchant Fraud Operations

    Direct Marketing Kingpin Jeremy Johnson is currently representing him in a very heated criminal trial in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before I go into details around the massive fraud that Johnson is exposing in the performance marketing industry, here’s some interesting facts and updates around the case: Jeremy Johnson made hundreds of millions of dollars in his internet schemes over the years.

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