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  • Optimizing Bing Shopping Campaigns – Part 2

    Welcome to Part 2 of optimizing shopping campaigns! Today’s article wraps up by delving into the product feed and dimensions reporting to help provide optimization tips and tricks. (You can find part 1 here) Feed Health With regard to the product feed, one important factor to consider is your product feed health, most of which involves managing rejections and errors.

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  • Optimizing Bing Shopping Campaigns – Part 1

    While shopping ads share the same SERP as keyword-based text ads, they are a completely different animal when it comes to campaign management and optimization. Today’s article is part 1 of a 2-part series detailing the ins and outs of optimizing shopping ads, and will touch on shopping campaign setup as well as cover best practices. Part 2 will delve into optimizing the product feed.

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  • Don’t Skip the Side of Sitelink Optimization

    If asked, every search marketer worth her or his salt would likely claim to be well-versed in developing appealing ads, crafting keyword-rich ad text and even making data-driven ad optimization decisions. Yet just how many search marketers regularly extend their ad analysis to the bottom half of the ad? Search marketers know about the importance of sitelinks to be sure, given ...

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  • Pivot Table Magic: Improve CTR in 5 Easy Steps

    In today’s article I’ll be teaching a new skill in pivot table mastery which will help make you more efficient and effective when optimizing your Bing Ads or other digital marketing campaigns. The specific focus is uncovering low CTR search terms – as the most granular level of keyword match-based ad campaigns, search terms are where the majority of performance trends are ultimately created.

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