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  • ‘This.’ Is Like Ello, But Actually Useful

    The editors of This. occasionally swear in their nightly newsletter, and when they do, it’s a sign that you should sit up and pay attention. “It is so fucking worth it,” they’ll write. And by then, you’re practically compelled to click on whatever article they’re recommending. (or @THISdotcm on Twitter) is an emerging social media website from Atlantic Media that launc ...

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  • How Brands and Bands Can Rock Out Without Selling Out

    “Sellout.” An insult, a pejorative, a nail in the coffin, a death sentence for a band. The worst possible outcome for a band or artist. Why? Music, in the eyes of the record-buying public, is about being “real.” Money isn’t real. Money destroys the real, destroys the integrity, destroys the art. At least, that’s what consumers think—or what popular culture says consumers think.

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  • A Conversation With the Man Behind ‘Overheard in the Newsroom’

    This post originally appeared on Contently’s sister site, The Freelancer. It has been modified slightly. One of the benefits of building a newsroom is the jokes that come with it; we journalists are trained in the art of wit, dark humor, and self-deprecation. It’s actually a job requirement. Which is why Overheard in the Newsroom hits such a funny nerve: The now 5-year-old web ...

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  • ‘Brand Newsrooms’ Stretched For Resources

    Somewhere behind those ninja turtle-dressed humans and crazy Vines, there’s human mind—or, more likely, multiple human minds—devising and executing a brand’s content strategy. And inside those “brand newsrooms,” they’re feeling stretched thin. OneSpot is out with a new infographic that looks at the size of these quickly-evolving ‘brand newsrooms,’ the challenges they face, and ...

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