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  • The Road To Conversion: Defining User Pathways In The Education Space

    As part of our digital strategy process, we always spend time developing user personas. User personas -- essentially profiles of the different types of users who will engage with a website -- help us determine how to organize content and how to speak to key benefits and differentiating factors of services or products.

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  • Online Marketing vs. Offline Advertising: Where to Invest

    When it comes to your marketing budget, you want to make the most out of every dollar you spend. Some businesses may have tighter budgets than others, which is why it is important to analyze which channels will benefit your marketing efforts the most. The debate between digital and print advertising is a conversation that marketers have faced for quite some time.

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  • 5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Brand

    Any competent business owner knows that marketing mistakes can be incredibly costly. From the missed opportunities that come with failing to reach your target audience, to competitors muscle in on your market share and negatively impacting sales, marketing tactics that negatively impact how clearly you’re able to communicate your value to users can destroy brand growth in a mat ...

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  • How Much Does A Mobile App Cost? A Calculator For Your Brand

    The process of building a mobile app is very similar to that of building a website. Just as you can buy a template to build a website, you can buy one for an app. However, most businesses need custom platforms to successfully grow their business online, and further their digital efforts. Whenever we hear the word “custom,” we often think of prices.

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  • New Year’s resolutions for the digital marketer

    Gabriel Shaoolian is a digital trends expert and the founder and CEO of digital agency Blue Fountain Media in New York This year has been a fantastic year for digital marketing, but all good things must come to an end, and that is unfortunately the case for 2014. From guest posting and non-responsive websites to onsite speed optimizations and content marketing, the beginning o ...

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  • 5 SEO trends that have emerged in 2014

    Gabriel Shaoolian is CEO of Blue Fountain Media, a NYC-based digital agency It’s critical that every business with an online presence keep up with the latest SEO best practices. Search-engine optimization tactics change over time — some would say every time a Google exec sneezes. So with calendar year 2014 about halfway over, it’s a perfect opportunity to review how SEO has ch ...

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