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  • Looking to Scale Up? Get Your Employees on the Right Track Through eLearning Systems

    Scaling up your business is a balancing act. If you do it too quickly, you can expand well beyond your means. If you don’t do it quickly enough, you’ll be missing opportunities. But even though the tempo at which you scale your business is very important to the outcome, the things entrepreneurs say are hardest to perform when scaling up always have to do with people.

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  • Small Business Websites: How to Make Yours More Compelling

    By now, every small business should realize they need a website. But according to CNBC, 45% of small businesses still don’t have a site in 2017. Even if you only have local clients, they should be able to easily find you online. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for a 1990s one-page business card style website.

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  • Internet Business Insights Book: FREE Success Tips from 102 Entrepreneurs

    If 102 Entrepreneurs shared their best tips, what worked, and just as importantly – what didn’t work for them, with you for FREE, would you want it? Of course, you would! Now is your chance to get their advice (including mine) at no charge at all. Click any image in this post to get to the sign-up page to receive the ebook FREE on July 7, 2017 You don’t even have to remember ...

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  • DirJournal 10th Anniversary: Win Cash, Free Listings, iPhone 7 Plus #giveaway

    DirJournal 10th Anniversary: Win Cash, Free Listings, iPhone 7 Plus #giveaway May 21, 2017 By Gail Gardner Leave a Comment By now, hopefully you realize there are still safe directory sites that Google respects. DirJournal is one of the oldest, and having your business listed there is still a benefit. In honor of being around 10 years this May, DirJournal is doing a huge giveaway.

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  • Gardening Bloggers Helped Save Historic Landreth Heirloom Non-GMO Seed Company

    Update 4/16/17: Landreth Heirloom Seeds did survive, thanks in part to the gardening bloggers who raised awareness of their plight. In 2016, they were acquired by American Meadows where Landreth Heritage Seed Collections can be purchased. Here is the announcement message on Facebook from the former Landreth Seed owners about the acquisition: Hello, Seed Lovers! We’re here ...

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  • Gail Gardner @GrowMap Interview on Talent Talk Radio #Smallbiz

    Last month I did an interview with Chris Dyer from PeopleG2 on his Talent Talk Radio Show. That show is now available from the Talent Talk Radio Show podcast here. We talked about marketing strategy and finding all types of talent for small businesses. In preparation for that interview, I wrote out answers to questions they might ask.

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  • How to Find and Work With Influencers

    We have yet to see the full power of where the influencer economy will take us. What many don’t realize is this is only a new twist on the old game of having celebrities endorse your products or services. The difference now is what constitutes influence. Where once only the rich and famous had significant influence (and they still do), today there are many paths to becoming in ...

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  • Must Have SEO Toolbars and How to Use Them

    When you’re just starting out with your online marketing efforts, you need to hustle like crazy to get your product and content in front of the right people, including your audience. That’s why, especially in the beginning of your website’s lifetime, you’ll need to mimic your competitors. Think about it. Pretty much any niche in the internet is saturated now.

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  • How to Interact with Passionate Shoppers in G+ Communities

    Ecommerce stores have a particularly tough time attracting links because of the nature of their sites. Ideally, they should add a company blog to engage their customers and potential buyers and attract links. Blogs are an investment, though, in time and money. So what can an ecommerce site do if they don’t currently have a blog and want to build an audience online? Kim Garst ...

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  • Quick Ways to Get Bloggers to Notice You

    You have a new blog – or maybe you just want to grow your existing blog. One of the fastest ways to get more visibility is to connect with established bloggers in niches related to yours. There are three fast ways to make that happen: linking to their blogs, effectively using social media, and blog commenting.

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  • Skyrocket Your Traffic and Income 40 Percent Off Discount 1 Day Only

    Did you know that my friends Crystal and Kelli have many times more traffic than this blog does today? I wrote about how Crystal drove 628,780 page views in ONE MONTH. They were in the very first blog mentoring group I ever offered. And now look at their success! They went far beyond what I shared with them to teach other bloggers to drive amazing traffic in their LearntoBlog ...

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  • How Steve Wynn Used Storytelling to Build Company Culture

    Most people who have heard of billionaire Steve Wynn probably only know he owns hotels or casinos. What they don’t know is why his holdings are so successful and how they can apply what he does to make their own businesses more profitable. Wynn reinvented Las Vegas by providing non-casino attractions to bring families back.

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  • ClickMeeting Provides a Creative and Simple Webinar Solution

    A friend of mine helps to run webinars as part of her job. She says that to her and her coworkers, the most important aspect of a webinar is that it be simple and intuitive for the participants to use. The people she is speaking to are in an older demographic and are not necessarily comfortable with using technology.

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