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  • ClickMeeting Provides a Creative and Simple Webinar Solution

    A friend of mine helps to run webinars as part of her job. She says that to her and her coworkers, the most important aspect of a webinar is that it be simple and intuitive for the participants to use. The people she is speaking to are in an older demographic and are not necessarily comfortable with using technology.

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  • GetResponse Reveals Powerful New Online Marketing Tool Any SMB Can Afford

    So you are finally building your list or generating leads. Or maybe you’ve been meaning to start. But are you falling down on segmenting your list or following up effectively? Having a mailing list, but not doing anything with it is a common challenge. Up until now, the cost of marketing automation has prevented many small to medium sized businesses from implementing automation.

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  • Small Business Marketing Advice for Knife Sellers Like BucknBear Knives

    Did you know that selling knives is a controversial topic? Google and Facebook both prohibit buying advertising for most stores selling knives. This makes it difficult for ecommerce stores who sell these products to increase sales. I know that many city dwellers may consider knives and axes scary. They may not know why anyone would have one.

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  • An Alternative to Banking Problems in Hong Kong – How WB21 Is Changing the Game

    Hong Kong has long been one of the major banking locations in the world. It used to be a place where companies set up bank accounts in order to operate in the Far East. But now companies are reporting that it’s more difficult than ever before to open an account in Hong Kong. WB21 provides an alternative for many offshore companies struggling to set up bank accounts.

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  • Are You Up To Speed On Spotting A Toxic Stock?

    Are You Up To Speed On Spotting A Toxic Stock? April 17, 2016 By Gail Gardner Leave a Comment If you’re a long-time Wall Street denizen, you may pride yourself on spotting a bad or toxic stock and giving it the boot from your memory bank’s span even before your broker clears his throat to give it a casual mention.

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  • Increase Sales with New Tech for Easy Digital Signs

    What could be more important than pulling new customers into your store or upselling your most profitable products? What these two have in common is colorful, informative signage. Fortunately for us all, unlike years past when you paid a glass blower to make a neon sign or a wood carver or metal worker or printer to make a permanent sign, today you can turn a monitor or TV int ...

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  • Metrics Roundup: All You Want to Know

    We all know we should be monitoring metrics, right? But how many of us have actually gotten around to it? And if we have, how do we know if we’re measuring the most important metrics or taking the best action based on what they indicate? As part of my effort to answer those questions for myself, I’ve been researching to see what top experts recommend.

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  • Twitter Limits Have CHANGED: Did You Know There Are At Least 7?

    Twitter has changed many of their limits over time. I bet you don’t know about all the changes shown below in red. There is also a rumor reported in many places that Twitter may eliminate the 140 character tweet length limit and allow basically blog posts of up to 10,000 characters. If they do, only the first 140 are likely to be shown in our Twitter streams with a “read more” link.

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  • How to Find Perfect Custom Graphic Designs at Designhill

    How to Find Perfect Custom Graphic Designs at Designhill January 14, 2016 By Gail Gardner Leave a Comment Images are what make content stand out online and in print. Logos are essential to making your brand memorable. But what do you do if you aren’t a graphic artist? Fortunately, there are platforms that make it easy to find the perfect graphic designer for you in particular.

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  • How to Increase Profitability with an Online Workflow System

    Investor Marcus Lemonis of the hit TV series The Profit emphasizes that what he evaluates to determine if a business can be successful is the people, product and processes. He mentions using the same online workflow system to manage the processes in all of the businesses he invests in. Processes are essential to staying on top of both workload and finance.

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  • Tips for Hiring A Search Engine Optimization Company

    Tips for Hiring A Search Engine Optimization Company December 14, 2015 By Gail Gardner Leave a Comment Search engine optimization is something has become increasingly vital to any online business becoming successful. Google search rankings play a large role in terms of determining the success and failure of an online business.

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  • How to Generate and Close Social Leads On Twitter

    If social media is not delivering the return on investment (ROI) you expect, the problem isn’t the social networks. Just as a blog won’t make money if it isn’t monetized, you can’t expect social media to generate income for you unless you are using it to drive leads and sales. Following many people or tweeting great content can get you followers, but what you need is to turn ...

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  • Prevent PR Disaster by Monitoring Your Brand BEFORE Crises Happen!

    Ignoring a brand crisis can REALLY cost you – as United Airlines found out. Their refusal to take responsibility resulted in musicians writing and performing multiple songs and a loss of an estimated $180 MILLION! Some PR agents think of PR from one campaign to the next, but this is the wrong approach for the social media era.

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  • Ask Me Anything with Gail Gardner on Inbound: What Do You Need to Know to Succeed?

    Ask Me Anything with Gail Gardner on Inbound: What Do You Need to Know to Succeed? November 2, 2015 By Gail Gardner Leave a Comment Anything you want to know is probably published somewhere online. But how do you know which answer is accurate and current? Which “expert” should you believe when they don’t all agree on much of anything? This is where talking to someone who h ...

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  • Do You Have What it Takes to Found a Startup?

    Graphic Design Marketplace Designhill has created a new Startup Success Factors interactive infographic containing 10 sections showing characteristics of founders and what VCs are investing in. If you’re interested in working at a startup, becoming a founder, or just curious about what what kind of startups are popular today, read on.

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  • The Best Ways to Outsource Online Marketing for Your Blog

    Blogging is unquestionably one of the most effective online marketing strategies. A blog will present you as an expert or a great resource in the field, thus pulling in potential clients for your services. Search engines such as Google have long recognized the value of blogs in contributing to the overall User Experience.

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