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  • Snapchat talks with Hollywood about bringing shows to the platform

    Snapchat Discover is going Hollywood. The messaging and media app is out looking for deals with major networks and studios that would transform the Discover section, where publishers like People and Cosmopolitan and Refinery29 host daily channels. Snapchat is in talks with top TV networks and studios to host shows on Discover, according to sources.

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  • Snapchat’s ad sales strategy follows Facebook’s playbook

    Snapchat doesn’t have to make up the advertising playbook as it goes; it has found a blueprint that works just fine: Facebook’s. As the messaging and media app matures as an ad platform, it is increasingly following the Facebook way of building an ad sales team and appears to be avoiding the mistakes of less successful platforms.

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  • The winners and losers of Snapchat’s new Memories feature

    Snapchat isn’t the newest kid on the social media block and is losing some of the spontaneity that made it unique in social media. Along with picking up older users, the messaging app this week started offering an option to preserve photos and videos. Snapchat is going mainstream. While that might ruffle hardcore users, brands and advertisers should find the app more welcoming.

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  • Twitter Moments fails to gain traction with advertisers

    Twitter’s Moments moment seems to have passed, as advertisers have lost whatever enthusiasm they once had for the feature. Advertisers say that Twitter has asked too much money for ads in the curated section of the site dedicated to trending tweets. Moments launched a little more than six months ago as a hub for Twitter content.

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  • What brands and normals should know about Google’s new ‘My Activity’ pages

    Google’s new “My Activity” page, where users can now view their entire internet history, represents another step toward the perfectly personalized ad. It is Google’s latest move to catch up to Facebook in the one area it has held back, using highly personal information for the most accurate marketing messages.

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  • Snapchat is slashing its ad prices for brands, sources say

    Pricing has been a persistent gripe from advertisers around Snapchat. Now, with a new ad platform that allows for more experimentation, prices are starting to look more reasonable, according to sources. Snapchat’s ads API — application programming interface — could cost advertisers $100,000 at minimum, which is significantly lower that Snapchat’s minimum of $500,000 when it fi ...

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  • The Huffington Post hacks a Snapchat button to drive followers from its website

    The Huffington Post has a new Snapchat button on its website, something of an oddity that gives online visitors semi-easy access to content on the messaging app. What’s unique about the button is that there is a “follow us on” widget for almost every platform, except Snapchat. Every major publisher has quick links on their sites that promote the major social media platforms: F ...

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  • Twitter is selling NFL ad packages for as much as $8 million

    Twitter wants to be paid like a star quarterback for its special football ad packages coming in the fall, some of which will run as high as $8 million, according to sources. Twitter, which has a deal with the National Football League to live stream 10 games this season, has been pitching advertisers and agencies with 10-game ad packages that range from $2 million to $8 million.

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  • Facebook hones a new pitch to jettisoned LiveRail customers

    With LiveRail officially shut down, Facebook has been offering former clients of its ad tech platform a path forward through special partnerships that could keep its broader premium video ambitions alive. Facebook closed LiveRail last month, leaving a number of customers scrambling for new tech partners to sell their online ads programmatically.

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  • WTF are agency ‘preferred vendors?’

    The ad tech world isn’t very glamorous, but it does have a version of the velvet rope: preferred vendor status. This agency “safe list” was highlighted by the recent Association of National Advertisers report, which revealed some of the unsavory deals and compromises that have become commonplace. Preferred vendors were one of those practices that stood out as particularly ripe ...

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  • Snapchat’s aggressive ad push risks user backlash

    Snapchat is trying to pull off one of the trickiest moves in tech, a commercial explosion that justifies its lofty $22 billion valuation but that also doesn’t dent its impressive user growth and engagement rates. With its newly announced ad platform, the app has embraced marketing in a way that didn’t seem likely just one year ago as it moves with unusual speed to start making real money.

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  • Publishers test Snapchat’s tolerance for branded content

    Snapchat is still a lawless zone when it comes to branded content, and publishers are trying to figure out the rules as they go. The messaging and media app has no formal branded content program, and enforces rules arbitrarily about what is and isn’t permitted, according to advertisers and publishers.

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  • ANA report shines the light on sketchy ad tech deals

    The Association of National Advertisers’ long-awaited media-transparency report released yesterday rang familiar in some corners of the ad tech world. One ad tech executive compared major agency attitudes to a mob boss sizing up a shakedown target: “They act like, ‘Nice ad tech business you got here; it would be a shame if something happened to it,'” the ad tech source said.

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  • Snapchat updates Discover and Live Stories with new tiles and subscriptions

    Snapchat’s Discover redesign launched today, and publishers hope it will lead to more views and followers. The redesign turns the media hub into a more visual experience, with tiles that act as covers teasing to the content that’s inside Discover, as opposed to the older design with just plain media logos.

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  • WTF are ‘dark posts’?

    Brands don’t need all of their followers to see everything they create for social media. That’s why they use “dark posts,” targeted bits of content meant for select eyes only. Dark posts are yet another “dark” category in online publishing, with concepts like dark social and the dark web, shadowy areas in the digital world that defy typical Internet transparency.

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  • This hack brings ‘screenshot commerce’ to Snapchat

    Snapchat is not an easy app to crack for brands and publishers looking to incorporate it into their digital sales strategies. It’s not as beautifully curated as Instagram, as easy to attract followers as Twitter, or as seamlessly shareable as Facebook. But there’s always a hack. PopSugar’s CEO Brian Sugar thinks he’s found one that could open the door to commerce on Snapchat ...

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  • Snapchat’s redesigning Discover to make it more like a newsstand

    Snapchat’s top publishing partners, the ones who get exclusive access to the Discover section, are preparing for a redesign that could give them more ways to show off their content. The messaging and media app plans to launch this new look to help attract more viewers to Discover, according to sources familiar with the redesign.

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  • Facebook’s using its muscle to remake the ad tech world

    Ad tech ate the world, but Facebook is eating ad tech, at least from the perspective of the industry that was born before the social network began dominating internet advertising. Last week alone, Facebook shut down its last pure programmatic ad exchange FBX, put the final nail in the LiveRail platform, and expanded its Facebook Audience Network, which is a closed platform.

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