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  • A fresh perspective on SEO for B2B companies

    There was a time when ranking No. 1 for a keyword was a victory wholly worth pursuing — a time when you could build a list of keywords, craft 300-word blog posts, and your site would drive new business. That is no longer the case. In 2017, we have a different search engine, and it’s critically important that B2B companies understand this.

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  • 6 roles you need on your marketing team + 2 you probably haven’t considered

    In 2017, digital marketing is no longer an afterthought. Digital is a critical part of almost every company’s marketing strategy regardless of industry. The question businesses are now struggling with is: Which roles (or what people) do I need on my team to be successful? In this piece, we are going to outline the roles needed within a digital marketing team, as well as two ...

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  • Your Keyword Research Needs a Diet

    We walk you through a three-step process that can greatly speed up and improve your keyword research by eliminating a lot of the guesswork. Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via Compfight cc Times have changed and, frankly, our keyword research needs a diet. We get so caught up in building out all of our keywords that we often forget to focus on the key terms that matter to our audience.

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