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  • A Powerful Insight Into Why Long Form Content Will Boost Your Conversions

    With the ever-increasing content overload on the web, users have become desensitized to branded messages. That’s why most content marketers have turned to short helpful pieces of content. It’s easier to produce on a consistent basis, and builds credibility with your ideal customers. But is that helping you turn strangers who visit your site into paying customers? The answer ...

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  • Designhill Review: Should You Crowdsource Your Next Design Project? is one of the largest design crowdsourcing and freelance platform that acts as the interactive, meeting ground for freelance designers and businesses looking to source graphic designs in a hassle-free manner and at affordable prices. It simply means that if you’re looking for that perfect logo for your business without making a hole in your pocket, Designhill i ...

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  • 5 Ultimate Tricks to Deal with Unhappy Customers on Social Media

    “You can’t make everyone happy!” Cliché but true! No matter how good your products are, or how awesome your services may be, there will be some customers who will be unhappy with you and will show their displeasure on different channels including social media. In fact as a business owner, you will be receiving negative comments on social media at some point or the other.

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  • Lessons from the History of Logo Design

    Businesses use logos mainly to convey an identity of ownership, which may be of company or a product. Use of logos has today spread into many other areas including ownership of concepts and campaigns. In the modern times, logos are everywhere on products or services, newspaper and TV ads, billboards and even on napkins. In fact, there is hardly a thing that does not boast a logo.

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