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  • Animate your video (without a Toy Story budget)

    People often squint slightly when I ask them “have you thought about animating it?” I think it’s because, in their mind, they immediately imagine animating a video is going to involve a Toy Story-sized budget. But that isn’t the case at all. For starters, the word animation covers a broad spectrum of disciplines in creativity — not just a Disney-level production.

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  • 11 Tips to write better headlines and titles [video]

    View Larger Image 11 Tips to write better headlines and titles [video] Think about what your blog headings are usually like. Do you think they make people immediately want to click on the article, or are they hesitantly hovering their mouse over it? Or, even worse, have they completely bypassed it? The sad fact is you may have the most earth-shattering, amazing content but ...

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  • 5 tips to avoid crumbling on camera [video]

    Not everyone is comfortable speaking on camera. Some people freeze up and look stilted. Others are too terrified to even give it a shot. But there’s no need to panic. Over the years I’ve seen it all and I’m used to helping get the best possible moment from nervous talent. Here are five tips I’ve learned to help you avoid crumbling on camera.

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  • How to avoid 4 common corporate video lighting mistakes

    Lighting, especially in corporate films, is a part of the filmmaking process that, if skipped, really stands out. Badly lit interviews can cause the viewer to completely switch off from the conversation they are watching because subconsciously their brain is trying to right the wrong they are viewing. Done well, lighting can really add mood and texture to your story.

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  • How to make your video stand out from the crowd

    Have you ever watched a film, music video or high-end television drama and noticed all the little things? Actually you probably haven’t — that’s what sets a high-budget video production apart. Now, I’m not talking large sets or high-end composites. It’s the little things that “sell” the scene. Recently I worked on a short film for a very large multinational client who wanted ...

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  • 5 hot tips to make a video production on a tight budget

    ­­­No matter how big or small a project is, it always rides on one constant — the budget. It’s what dictates talent, production value, delivery and (sometimes) even quality. But — and here’s the thing — it doesn’t always have to. Now I am not saying that a small budget can still equal a high-end film.

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  • 4 ways a production house is better than a one-man band

    It’s something I have experienced firsthand — the power of a team over the power of one. For many years I worked as a freelancer, running my own business. In many ways, it was great. For a start, I was the lead editor in my own little empire. But I was also the motion graphics guy, the animator, the colourist, the cameraman, the bookkeeper and the guy who pitched for new work.

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  • 5 things every creative needs to know

    Creativity takes a lot of things: talent, dedication, skill. It also takes courage. That’s because successful creative people have to take risks — to challenge the status quo, attack problems differently and pursue original and imaginative ideas. Risk-taking feeds creativity. But creativity doesn’t necessarily come easily.

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