Gemma Birch

  • 12 Myths of International Search Marketing

    As we’re approaching Christmas and the traditional songs, ideas and rhymes are all around, I couldn’t help but we influenced by them. So instead of the 12 Days of Christmas, we have the 12 myths of international search; 12 things which are often assumed but have the potential to really damage your international online marketing efforts.

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  • How To Improve International Website Conversion

    It can often be a source of confusion for businesses expanding into new markets: Our website looks great, it’s got all the content in the local language, its ranking for relevant search terms on the local search engines – but it’s not converting. And if it’s not converting, we’re not making money! So why isn’t it working? Well, chances are the problem is that these visitors ...

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  • Content Marketing Inspiration From The Global Search Engines

    At the International Search Summit events, I often talk about the global search engines – looking at their latest developments and how that can guide our own international search marketing efforts and strategies. The session covers search, social, mobile and local but increasingly it also touches on content marketing – and there are some quite good examples of search engine act ...

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