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  • Identify and Market to the 5 Types of Freelance Service Clients

    Just like with any kind of market, you have to have a clear idea regarding the identity and preferences of your target audience so you can position your product correctly. If you position the right product to the wrong audience, you might not make any money. Similarly, if you position the wrong product to the right audience, you would not get any results either.

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  • Why Should You Create and Market Your Own Digital Products?

    It’s very tempting to think that making money online is really a simple matter of picking out an affiliate program, getting affiliate links, and driving traffic to those links. Along the way, you might have to build websites or some sort of filtering mechanism, but essentially, the whole idea is to join an existing affiliate marketing program to promote affiliate products and make a commission.

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  • How to Find a Website Copywriter that Doesn’t SUCK

    Make no mistake about it, the Internet is still heavily dependent on content. You might think that the Internet is dependent on functionality, online tools, video and other alternative forms of content. You would be absolutely right, but text content still forms the huge bulk of the Internet. If you want to make it as an online publisher, and you want to make a decent living on ...

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