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  • 5 PR Tips for #GivingTuesday

    #GivingTuesday is just five weeks away (December 2), and many nonprofits are ramping up their fundraising plans. If you’re a business, you have a PR opportunity: extend the Black Friday weekend with a #GivingTuesday cause marketing campaign. For those unaware of #GivingTuesday, it’s technically the fifth day of the holiday shopping season following Black Friday, Small Busi ...

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  • 7 Random Stats That May Change Your PR Plan

    I admit, I love stats. After reading yet another social media infographic that didn’t tell me anything about my communications business other than Pinterest is important, I decided to curate seven studies and statistics that would make an impact on a communicator’s approach. Here are seven random statistics that just may change your PR plan: 1) Ethics Matter Did you know tha ...

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  • The Wild Future of PR

    Vocus and Cision hosted the Future of PR Conference at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA yesterday. The event opened with panel of brand practitioners who actively debated what PR will look like. The active conversation was waged by: Dennis Goedegebuure, head of global SEO at Airbnb John Earnhardt, director of corporate communications at Cisco Ken Yeung, strategy & ...

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  • The One Trend Social Media Experts Avoid

    There are many trends in media, many of which revolve around social media and the incredible amount of data it creates. But social media marketing blogs are not informing their publics about the one trend they cannot afford to miss: The incredible power video holds on the marketplace. Let’s be clear, we are not talking about broadcast TV, which is in a continuing slow decline.

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  • 3 Ways to Shift Away from Over Messaging

    A common mistake with PR is an over-messaged approach to communicating. If good PR produces word of mouth for a brand, over-messaged communications is one of the fastest ways to fail. Most brands don’t have as much momentum as Apple to get away with this approach. Why? Corporate messaging means a lot to executives and maybe employees.

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  • Managing Reputation When Everything Leaks

    Every week we see a new story about a leak, a hack, or mistaken post of data and content that the public was not supposed to see. From Johnny Manziel’s party gaffes to political secrets, everything seems to get leaked these days. The question is how do communicators manage reputation in the certain face of embarrassing moments.

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  • Is #IceBucketChallenge for Your Business?

    Many communicators are talking about the #IceBucketChallenge. Many brands are wondering if they can leverage it for their own PR and social media campaigns. Of course, it can be as many celebrities, CEOs and executives are publicly doing it. It shows them in a more humane light doing something fun instead of buttoned up. The real question is should it be something you participate in.

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  • PR Cannot Escape Media Relations

    Six years ago I decided not to practice media relations anymore. I did not enjoy the ceaseless pitching of reporters. While the media relations clients represented about a third of my business, coverage was the only thing clients really seemed to care about. When I shuttered my media relations practice, I also stopped describing my agency as a PR firm. One comes with the other was my logic.

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  • 6 Ways a Book Promotes Your Business

    Many people dream about publishing a book, but few realize the public relations benefit of such an effort. If you publish a business book, you create the ideal vehicle to position your business, generate earned media, and win new customers. Here are the six ways you can use a business book to strengthen your company’s PR and overall marketing efforts: 1) Instant thought leader ...

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  • The Plusses and Minuses of Retargeting

    Ad retargeting uses web browser cookies to convert interested buyers with advertisements on third party sites. Like many tactics it works well enough for brands to keep using it, increasing conversion ratios by 70 percent. But the conversions may not be worth the antagonism of potential clients. In essence, marketers sift through the water and walk away with a few pieces of g ...

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  • Innovative Marketing Begins and Ends with the Experience

    There’s so much marketing information out there about data. I think data is fantastic, but agree with my colleague Rich Becker when he says that it can blind us, tricking us to take the wrong marketing approach. Marketers should focus relentlessly on customers by introducing, extending and sustaining great brand experiences.

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  • 6 Ways to Integrate SEO without Sacrificing PR Quality

    Public relations is an oft-debated discipline. Just look at PRSA’s most recent attempt to define the discipline and the controversy it caused. Perhaps even more controversial is the mixing of public relations and SEO. Certainly, public relations and SEO are now working together as tactics. They share many of the same criteria for success, specifically third party conversations to build trust.

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  • Is Podcasting Worth a Revisit?

    Content creators focus on many tactical forms, from blogs and infographics to events and video. These days more content creators are turning to podcasting as a method of differentiation. Yes, podcasting is back. It’s like those 1980s-esque boat shoes that everyone seems to be wearing now. All jokes aside, you should take a serious look at podcasting as a means to augment you ...

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