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  • Events Are the Ultimate WoM Machine

    While I am often known in my small echo chamber as a blogger, my best online moments have come from events, from BlogPotomac and Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington to the Emergency Social Data Summit and of course, Demand Success. I don’t think that’s a coincidence… Events are about the people who attend them, and their experience. They build relationships, learn, and hopefully have fun.

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  • Why You Can Safely Ignore the #nofilter Crowd

    There is a movement online, particularly in Instagram, but also at large to use #NoFilter photography. These naysayers would have you post only realistic images that use no filtering or photoshopping. Should marketers pay attention? This photo has been edited. Yes and no. Yes, you want to pay attention because it’s interesting! Almost every study indicates that the visual w ...

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  • Creating a Winning Brand: A Q&A With Laura Ries

    Why is Coca-Cola the leading cola brand when so many others have similar products? How did Chobani become the leading Greek yogurt brand despite reaching the market nine years after its Greek competitor? Geoff Livingston caught up with Demand Success speaker and branding expert Laura Ries to get the answers.

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  • The Power of Personal Business: A Q&A With Chris Brogan

    From the rapid adoption of big data to content platforms saturated with marketers looking to stand out, it appears that marketing is moving to its next era. Who better to talk about the change than New York Times Bestselling author Chris Brogan? Chris will speak at Vocus’ Demand Success conference in Washington, DC on June 5-6, but Geoff Livingston caught up with him recently ...

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  • The Present and Future of Social Media: A Q&A With Tom Webster

    Will Facebook remain relevant in 2020? How do people interact with content? What’s hot now and what will take the future by storm? The list of social media marketing questions goes on and on and on. Fortunately, marketers and media organizations can turn to Edison Research, which finds answers to these questions through market research and exit polling.

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  • Vapid Content Will Go Away

    The overarching theme of Authority Intensive 2014 was the need to create great, meaningful experiences with your content. The conference — designed by the Copyblogger team — encouraged attendees to maximize content design and quality across the board. Almost every session addressed the strategic problem of developing content that is actually found and used by customers.

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  • Godin Delivers Authority, Handley Offers Content Wisdom

    Marketing guru Seth Godin delivered a keynote at Authority Intensive on what it takes to build authority and become a successful business. Godin defined business success as a series of choices. “After 15 years on the Internet, we can safely say shortcuts never work,” said Godin. Success starts with the decision to scale.

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  • Social Media, Content and Beyond! Q&A With NASA 360

    If you thought Red Bull’s jump from the edge of space was cool, you should see the content that NASA 360 produces and shares on social media each day. Image via NASA 360. Scott Bednar and Becky Jaramillo turn brand content into amazing, engaging and shareable social media experiences through their work at NASA 360.

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