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  • What My Failed Yard Sale Taught Me About Marketing

    I’m a big fan of yard sales. Mostly because I’m a big fan of stuff; especially cheap stuff that barely works. But, as you can imagine, one of the consequences of being a fan of stuff is actually acquiring a lot of stuff so one day, after rummaging in my basement for an hour to locate a snowboarding jacket, we figured it might be time to free up some space.

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  • 30 Minute Audit: Mobile SEO [VIDEO WEBINAR]

    In the wake of Google’s Mobile-Friendly update (sometimes referred to as “Mobilegeddon“) many marketers are wondering how they were impacted. In this Portent U Webinar, we discussed what you can do to see whether or not your site was impacted by the mobile-friendly update, identify mobile traffic opportunities in your content, troubleshoot common mobile problems, and put toget ...

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  • 5 Ways Your Site Might Fail Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

    On Tuesday, Google announced a new label in search results that states whether or not a site is “mobile-friendly.” Now when you’re on your phone, you’ll know ahead of time if the site you’re thinking about visiting is optimized for your device. Accompanying that announcement, Google said that they are also experimenting with a ranking boost for sites that pass their “mobile-friendly test.

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  • Google’s Data Highlighter: Your New Favorite Backup Plan

    We all know the importance of Schema markup and rich snippets on your search results. We’ve written about the importance of getting markup implemented on your web page and getting rich snippets showing in your search results. And you should. Schema markup is the best solution to getting rich snippets to show up in search results.

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  • Team Portent Bids Farewell to Authorship

    One spring day of 2011, Google announced a new thing called “Authorship.” They described it as a way of using data to “help people find content from great authors in our search results.” With little exception, the SEO community rejoiced. Finally, we, the content creators and bloggers of the world, were on top.

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