George Michie

  • The Brand’s CMO, Its CFO And An Agency Shill Walk Into A Bar…

    It’s Friday, so Mark the CMO, Fiona the CFO and Shell, a representative of their agency, end the day by heading to happy hour. The casual environment (and probably a little wine) fuels an enlightening discussion about marketing’s role in the business as a whole. Bartender: “What’ll you have?” Marketing Mark: “Pinot Grigio, but Fiona is paying.” Fiona Finance: “Just ice water.

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  • Paid Search Portfolios: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    Last month, I suggested that spending beyond observed profit maximization in paid search can make a great deal of sense on a number of grounds. In a nutshell, the argument is that a combination of other factors can make "losing money" on the incremental investment rational. Here's why: You might not actually be losing money. There is more "return" than meets the eye.

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