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  • How to Select an Enterprise Commerce Platform - 4 Questions to Ask

    Digital commerce has changed business forever. Ten years ago, who would have predicted the massive changes that mobile phones would make? Or that most enterprise software would be running in the cloud? Commerce today is about customer experience, relationships and personalization. It’s about discovery, attachment and intimacy.

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  • 3 Reasons Your CEO Wants an Omnichannel Approach

    By next year, Forrester estimates that digital technology will play a part in almost 60% of all in-store transactions, which will equate to roughly US$1.8 trillion. While most brands have spent decades building their physical presence, many are losing out online because they simply aren’t holding any digital real estate.

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  • The Rise of the Digital Experience Platform

    Increasingly, consumers are engaging brands via multiple digital touchpoints. These interactions experienced through texting, phone apps, websites and social media are essential to business growth and profitability. Companies capable of optimizing digital experiences will be well positioned for the long haul.

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  • The Case for Extreme Personalization

    Extreme personalization, sometimes referred to as marketing to a customer segment of one, is the holy grail of the multi-channel world. Extreme personalization comes down to one simple reality: customers expect your company to know who they are — no matter what method or touchpoint they are using.

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  • CMOs Reveal What They Really Think about Digital Projects

    The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is on the frontline of digital marketing and delivering digital experiences. Over the past decade, CMOs have gone from being a cost center, siloed within their own organization, to being a full-blown digital player, charged with P&L and caring for the entire customer lifecycle.

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  • 2016 Web Design Trends to Boost Conversions [Infographic]

    Good web design can make or break your business. Research shows that users will make up their mind about how they “feel” about your website (and thus your business) within a fraction of a second after first viewing your site. Further, the design of interior pages ...

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  • Cracking Mobile Commerce Myths

    In addition to driving half of all ecommerce traffic, mobile accounted for 30 percent of all US retail ecommerce sales in a recent three-month period. For some retailers, mobile accounted for as much as 40 percent. What’s more, approximately 40 percent of all digital sales were “cross-device” – meaning consumers used more than one device in the purchase journey.

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  • We Need to Talk: Critical Commerce Conversations To Have Today With Your C-Suite

    Consumer technology, and in particular mobile, has tipped the scales of power in the favor of consumers. Researchers are now calling this trend the “Age of the Consumer”. This has resulted in more and more organizations looking to implement “experience-driven commerce”. But as with all major corporate initiatives, getting leaders onboard is paramount.

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