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  • SEO Trends 2017 – A MidSummer Review

    When someone asks me what SEO is, I usually say that SEO is not a discipline for the poor in spirit. The evolution of Google (and of the others search engines) is constant and, as it happened in the last 18 months, even a frenzy. Therefore, if you are someone, who has problems in discussing your own certainties, if you don’t have an inquisitive mind and, if you don’t recogn ...

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  • Mobile-Only World – The Inbounder Hangouts

    Tomorrow Wednesday at 5 pm GTM (aka, London time), I will have the pleasure to host a live YouTube Video Streaming with Aleyda Solís, Cindy Krum and Talia Wolf. The Hangout Live will be entirely dedicated to the Mobile-Only world that – as everything seems telling us – is going to influence our job as digital marketers.

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  • Of Moz and the State of Industry

    Disclaimer Many of you, readers, may do not know that I am a Moz Associate, apart from being an independent Strategic SEO consultant and blogger for However, as an Associate, I am not a Moz employee, therefore I do not know the details that led to the recent layoff of 60 Moz’s employees.

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  • What the hell is Content?

    Estimated reading time: 11 minutes, 45 seconds I always have a contrasted feeling when it comes to “Content” and web marketing. From one side, I consider it an excellent opportunity – as I will explain – also for small brands to earn momentum, visibility and authority in their niche. On the other side, though, I really dislike how content often is: Misunderstood; Consider ...

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