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  • test kw research

    test kw research Qué legislación laboral se te aplicará, dónde cotizarás, o cómo puede influir tu trabajo en el extranjero en tu futura pensión si se emigra como expat ...

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  • Mobile-Only World – The Inbounder Hangouts

    Tomorrow Wednesday at 5 pm GTM (aka, London time), I will have the pleasure to host a live YouTube Video Streaming with Aleyda Solís, Cindy Krum and Talia Wolf. The Hangout Live will be entirely dedicated to the Mobile-Only world that – as everything seems telling us – is going to influence our job as digital marketers.

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  • Of Moz and the State of Industry

    Disclaimer Many of you, readers, may do not know that I am a Moz Associate, apart from being an independent Strategic SEO consultant and blogger for However, as an Associate, I am not a Moz employee, therefore I do not know the details that led to the recent layoff of 60 Moz’s employees.

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  • What the hell is Content?

    Estimated reading time: 11 minutes, 45 seconds I always have a contrasted feeling when it comes to “Content” and web marketing. From one side, I consider it an excellent opportunity – as I will explain – also for small brands to earn momentum, visibility and authority in their niche. On the other side, though, I really dislike how content often is: Misunderstood; Consider ...

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  • The 30 minutes competitive research

    Estimated reading time: 10 minutes, 25 seconds Every time we receive a quote request, we are also asked by the potential clients to discuss what we will do so to improve their business via organic search or, in general, thanks to our digital marketing services. If you are serious, you will have not presented an “SEO package”, you will prepare a pitch.

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  • A Midsummer Night’s Digital Dream

    While all the Search world is occupied in talking about the Life and Death of Google Plus, during these days of relatively quiet thanks to the (short) period of (half) vacation I gifted myself with, I started “dreaming” about the future of search and digital marketing. I thought it was interesting to dream about it; at the end, are not we already in the second half of this ...

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  • What is SEO (part 2)

    This post is the ideal sequel of What is SEO and what it is not. A rant, which I published here on State of Digital a couple of months ago. That post was – as the title clearly tells – a rant. This one, on the contrary, has a positive nature and will try to clarify: What makes SEO a unique digital marketing discipline; How it is different from others because of its same ...

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  • A marketer’s tribute to Christopher Nolan

    If you love cinema, as I do, then you probably agree with me that the first two months of the year are an endless series of not-to-miss-events: festivals like Sundance or Berlinale and awards of all kinds as the BAFTAs, the SAG Awards, the awards of the Writer’s Guild of America, and of course, the Academy Awards.

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  • The AEDE tax: the stupidest Internet law ever

    The AEDE tax: the stupidest Internet law ever Yesterday the Spanish Parliament approved the amendment draft to the Spanish Law of Intellectual Property. This amendment (anteproyecto de ley, in Spanish) is also known as Canon AEDE (AEDE Tax), and it has very important consequences for every company registered in Spain and having a web site.

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  • Mozcon 2014 – Day 1

    Mozcon 2014 – Day 1 Good morning folks! For the first time today I’ll be experimenting with live-blogging, and I will do it from the Seattle Convention Center and Mozcon. Please forgive any mistyping, as I’m quite sure I’ll invent some new ...

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