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  • The Best of Heroconf London (1st day) 2017

    At this time of the year, it has become a habit of mine to attend all the largest PPC conferences in Europe to do some “speakers shopping” for ADworld Experience (whose next edition will be in Bologna, Italy, on April 12-13, 2018). In this post, I have written about some of the most important highlights from the first day of HeroConf London (the European date of the largest P ...

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  • Rand Fishkin’s SEO landscape for 2017 after 6 months

    During the last SMX Munich in March I had the pleasure to hear Rand Fishkin introducing a keynote on the changing Search Landscape in 2017. Almost six months later all the trends he highlighted stand steady. He started giving some detailed numbers of the incredible amount of searches performed in Google (more than 2 trillion per year) highlighting some remarkable difference ...

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  • The Best of PPC & CRO from ADworld Experience 2017

    Last month in Bologna (Italy) was the 6th edition of ADworld Experience, one of the largest PPC events in Europe (and the top 3 in the world). This was a great event and it is rare to have both a PPC and CRO conference 100% dedicated to PPC & CRO real case studies. As an organizer of the conference, I was able to review participant’s feedback of all sessions and will shar ...

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  • A Quick Recap of the International Session of PPC Masters in Berlin

    On Thursday 2/16 I was in Berlin attending to PPC Masters, the largest vertical conference about Pay Per Click in Germany ( This 4th edition has been animated by around 270 participants and 16 speakers coming mainly from Germany, but also from Check Republic, India, Italy, Norway (or USA, depending if you consider birthplace or professional choices), Poland and UK.

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  • Web Summit is… HUGE

    I have recently been at Web Summit Conference in Lisbon (November 7 to 9) and the first word I could think of when I sat down to write this post was: “huge”. Over 50,000 participants made it the largest web related event I have ever attended to (and one of the biggest I joined in all fields, if you exclude a couple of concerts & sporting events!).

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  • The state of PPC conferences in Europe

    I have just come back from Heroconf London, the PPC event held by Hanapin Marketing in Europe and Marketing Festival in Ostrava (Czech Republic), the digital marketing event organized by Jindrich Fáborský. On February 1st was at PPC Masters in Berlin and on April 1st organized myself ADworld Experience in Bologna (Italy).

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  • Conversion Jam Rocks

    On 9/22 I joined Conversion Jam #6 in Stockholm and I have to say that it is one of the best web marketing related events I have taken part to in 2016 (and I joined quite a lot of them). Not only John Eckman (in fancy orange dress), founder of Conversionista, suceeded to organize the largest CRO event in the world (there were 650 participants), but he did it outside USA! Chapeau.

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  • Achieving an effective PPC account structure. Art or Science?

    Some days ago I have been asked to set the structure of an AdWords account to promote time limited special offers (mainly in the fashion industry). It came again to me the most frequent question I have had to answer to since I started working on AdWords (more than 10 years ago). What is the “perfect” way to organize an account starting from zero? In all these years I could ...

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  • AdWords Extended Text Ads are already among us

    Several different sources confirmed to me that the new extended format for AdWords text ads has been extensively tested in the past months and their final release to all advertisers is imminent. Ads will pass from the current 25 characters title + 2 lines of 35 characters to 2 headlines of 30 characters each + 80 of descriptive text to better fit the overwhelming mobile queries numbers.

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  • The Goals Tracking Guide for Analytics [Infographic]

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 8 seconds If I could highlight THE one single thing, identifying wannabes from real online marketing & PPC professionals it would be tracking the right conversion actions on landing pages and wesbites. It is not easy, it is site-specific and it is not automatic (at least not completely, up to now).

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  • AdWords self-optimizing accounts demystified

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 27 seconds AdWords is clearly moving towards higher automated and keywords-less accounts, even if a full automatic long-lasting optimization is still yet to come. Anyway, it is already possible to create campaigns automatically reacting to competitors’ activities and keeping high performances without manual changes.

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