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  • Why Social Media Is a Battleground for Prompted Search

    In a world of omnichannel search, a business’s social media spaces are places where consumers can find what brands have to offer at a local level. Consumers are using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social platforms to figure out where to go nearby to shop and play. (Google famously labeled these moments of exploration as micro-moments.

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  • Why Brands Need to Master Prompted Search

    One of the highlights of autumn is seeing how merchants in small towns and suburbs rally around their local high school football teams. In the town where I grew up, Camdenton, Mo., the windows of local storefronts are festooned with the purple-and-gold colors of Camdenton High School, and similar scenes are played out across the United States.

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  • Why Data Attributes Power the Long Tail of Local Search

    As I discussed in a recent Street Fight column, attributes consist of descriptive data elements that set your business apart from your competitors, such as whether your business offers free parking. Attributes are variable (i.e. not all businesses offer free parking), and they provide specific context about a location that influences consumers to make decisions based on their need in the moment.

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  • Why SMBs Should Treat Their Store Locator Like a Shopping Cart

    At a time when mobile “near me” searches are the new normal, your store locator is your shopping cart. And it’s probably one of the most overlooked opportunities to drive conversions. For businesses that operate multiple store fronts, store locators are critical revenue-generating assets. But too often, the locators are treated like a forgotten tool sitting on the shelf, coll ...

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  • Super Retailers Face Super Location Data Problems

    It’s hard to believe that there was ever a time when grabbing a coffee, filling the gas tank, renting a movie, going to the bank, and buying a gallon of milk required a full-day itinerary with five separate stops. We take for granted that we can accomplish all these tasks with one stop at retail superstores such as Target and Walmart.

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  • Why Attributes and Identities Matter in Local Search

    Google continues to remind businesses that location data is the foundation of their brands. The question is whether your business is taking advantage of the opportunities Google is creating to use location data to build your brand. Two recent developments from Google, (the Version 3 API update and the launch of Google Assistant) along with an improved version of Apple’s Siri t ...

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  • The Real Problem With Duplicate Data

    Our industry is obsessed with duplicate data when, in fact, the real problem businesses should worry about is publishing inconsistent data. It seems like every day I read a blog post, talk with an industry expert, or attend a conference, I experience a collective hand-wringing about businesses publishing duplicate listings.

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  • The Context for Contextual Marketing Is Changing

    Like most people I know, I assume different personas depending on where I am and what I am doing. When I’m out with my family watching a Cubs baseball game on a Saturday afternoon, I’m in “Family Mode.” But if I am hosting a client at a Cubs game on a Wednesday evening, I’m in “Professional Mode.” The advertisers that try to reach out to me when I’m in Professional Mode need ...

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  • Meet the Data Amplifiers

    Meet the Data Amplifiers March 17, 2016 by Gib Olander Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary For months, the marketplace has been talking about micro-moments, which Google defines as instances when people use their mobile devices search for places to go and things to buy. During micro-moments, consumers not only search — they also purchase, either in the moment or shortl ...

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  • Location Data Management 101: Seeing the Bigger Picture

    I recently met with a client who challenged me with a great question: how can anyone stay on top of all the terminology that proliferates in location marketing? The client gave as an example the confusion that exists between the terms data syndication, listing management, presence management and location data management. I get the problem.

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  • Why 2016 Will Be a Big Year for iOS 9

    Several months have gone by since Apple unleashed iOS 9, but if you do a Google search for it, you’ll continue to find a steady stream of news about Apple’s software. The software permeates our everyday lives, existing on two out of every three iOS devices. iOS 9 usage will only grow in 2016 as consumers and brands slowly discover that Apple has established a new standard for ...

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  • Do You Bing? If Not, It’s Time to Start

    Do You Bing? If Not, It’s Time to Start November 11, 2015 by Gib Olander Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Have you heard the news? Bing is profitable. During its October 22 earnings call, Microsoft revealed that the search engine generated $1 billion in ad revenue during the company’s first quarter of fiscal 2016, and that Bing turned its first profit since being launched in 2009.

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