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  • Email Marketing Effectiveness

    For those that thought email marketing was a thing of the past, look out because it’s making a comeback. In recent years business owners have been putting less emphasis on email marketing and devoting more attention to things like social media and video. These outlets have been good for exposure but they haven’t really been yielding the most desirable returns.

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  • Which Apps Do Entrepreneurs Use?

    Businesses are run much differently than they were 10 years ago, mainly because of major advancements in technology. Technology throws out all of the “don’t know how” excuses because it makes implementing tasks as easy as clicking a button. Today there is an app for everything. Apps were once thought of as simple phone games to kill some time, but now many business owners re ...

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  • What’s up with those image files?

    Have you ever wondered what those funny looking file names mean whenever you save something to your computer? What’s the deal with those extensions like: .pdf .jpg (or .jpeg) .gif .psd and son on They can be really confusing but extremely important depending on what you’re doing. Image files can be broken into two categories, Vector images and Raster images. Let’s get started breaking it down.

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  • What Are Facebook Dark Posts?

    A recent buzz word or buzz term for marketers is “Dark Posts”. Dark posts are unpublished Facebook posts that people with Facebook fan pages use so that their posts don’t show up in their Timeline. In the beginning Dark Posts would only s ...

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