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  • Do’s & Don’ts When Pitching Your Digital Services

    Do’s & Don’ts When Pitching Your Digital Services Estimated reading time: 9 minutes, 58 seconds I started my career in digital marketing working agency side, and like many other digital marketers, I was often involved in proposals and sales pitches to try and win clients. The particular agencies I started with were extremely lean in terms of size but often punched abov ...

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  • Spider Traps: An SEO issue that even Google suffers from..

    Estimated reading time: 9 minutes, 28 seconds A spider trap is an incredibly common problem that can be found on websites of all sizes and can cause rankings to plummet and could even be considered a security issue.. Spider traps can affect your search engine rankings is because it reduces the ability for search engine spiders to crawl your site efficiently and wastes crawl equity.

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  • PR Led Link Acquisition Techniques for SEO

    Estimated reading time: 8 minutes, 1 second We all know how difficult it can be to acquire high-quality backlinks to our websites. Gone are the days when you could simply go out and build as many links as possible without the worry that you will receive a slap from Google. Manual penalties for having blatantly manipulative link profiles are all too common, and of course, y ...

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