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  • What 1-800 Flowers has learned from its Watson-powered concierge

    IBM Watson is having a moment with brands. The North Face, Macy’s and 1-800 Flowers are some of the brands collaborating with the supercomputer to glean insights from the increasing mounds of data they collect from customers. 1-800 Flowers launched its IBM Watson-powered concierge service last May to help customers get more personalized results, at scale.

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  • 5 charts on how brands’ use of Snapchat is changing

    It’s called dark social for a reason: When it comes to Snapchat, brands are still feeling their way around blindly. If you spend six figures on paid placements in the app you’ll be able to glean TV-like metrics and soon probably more. But for those who have been using Snapchat for regular (that is, unpaid) content connecting with their followers has been a process of trial and error.

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  • Inside the agency bathrooms of the EU

    Great ideas creep up on you when you least expect them. And advertising agencies have always taken great pains to create an environment that can foster “aha” moments for their creatives. For many, this extends to the bathroom too. While we’ve toured various ad agency offices, there’s often been one room missing: the bathroom.

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  • Ready for lift-off: How Airbus amassed 894,000 followers on Instagram

    When you think of successful content on Instagram, travel probably comes to mind. But the planes themselves? Unlikely. French aircraft-maker Airbus is out to change that. Under the watch of social media manager Anthony Rosendo, the company has grown its Instagram audience to 894,000 followers, more than double the number it had at the beginning of 2016 (around 400,000).

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  • How 5 Premier League clubs are using social video

    When football team Manchester United signed Juan Mata in 2014, the news was delivered through a straight-laced press release on its website. Two years on, when Paul Pogba re-joined the club last August, his transfer was confirmed via a Twitter music video featuring U.K. grime artist Stormzy. With the game’s international fan base growing, social media is more important than ev ...

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  • 8 months in, what Expedia has learned from its Facebook bot

    Expedia was among the first to use Facebook Messenger chatbots last spring. It makes sense: The transactional nature of booking a holiday is a good fit for a chatbot. However, creating a seamless experience in a nascent area isn’t easy. Scott Crawford, Expedia’s vp of product management, said the experience has had its snags along the way — many early chatbots have been clunky ...

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  • A brand guide to Houseparty, the teen app du jour

    Things go full circle. In the mid-’90s, the internet was synonymous with chatrooms. And now teenagers are flocking to an app that feels a lot like AOL Instant Messenger — only this time with video. Houseparty, which launched in February 2016, is an app that markets itself as a “living room” for youngsters.

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  • A day in the life of a Diageo ‘futurist’

    Spirited: Niall Mckee Niall Mckee admits his “slightly nebulous” title can throw people off at parties. In his last job, managing innovation for Diageo’s single malts in Western Europe, a bottle of Dalwhinnie would do the explaining for him. “I could say, ‘Here’s a bottle that I created from start to finish. Now it’s on the shelf.

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  • Confessions of a brand media chief: ‘We’re sheep’

    For brands, taking programmatic trading in-house is tough. Some see it as an opportunity to cut costs and take greater ownership of their customer data. For others it is a way to leapfrog media agencies they no longer trust to give them a solution that’s best-in-class. Sometimes, it is all three. But those brands with the budget to consider their own solution are also the bra ...

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  • The good and bad news for UK women in advertising in 5 charts

    The advertising industry is paying more lip service to diversity than ever — whether that’s CMOs setting quotas for the makeup of their agencies or CEOs banning “vacuous” stereotypes about yogurt-eating, humorless women. But the reality of women actually working in agencies is somewhat more complicated. There’s good news on progress, but it’s peppered with a ton of caveats. In the U.K.

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  • How 5 UK brands are using Instagram Stories

    Brands stateside have been able to broadcast in real time for little over a month now. But this week, Instagram announced that it will roll out Live broadcasts in several other countries, including the U.K. It’s an alluring proposition to those already hooked on Instagram’s ephemeral Stories, which now take pride of place in the feed.

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  • How 5 brands have approached their Messenger chatbots

    Facebook Messenger has been luring brands and developers to its platform to create bots for just about everything from acting as a concierge to doling out advice. But there is a lot of variation in something as straightforward as a question-and-answer format. Brands have taken different approaches when it comes to chatbots. Here are a few.

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  • Confessions of a media agency veteran on programmatic: ‘A downward spiral’

    While rebates are a known — if controversial — practice in the U.K., hidden fees are different. In the latest installment of the Digiday Confessions series, where we grant anonymity in exchange for candor, a media agency veteran with over three decades of experience in advertising lifts the lid on the murky world of programmatic margins.

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  • Lingerie brand Agent Provocateur is using WhatsApp to offer discreet customer service

    Shopping for lingerie could be an awkward affair, to say nothing of finding the perfect pair of £195 ($236) glittery nipple tassels. But if you’re a big spender at high-end underwear brand Agent Provocateur, you can ask advice from the privacy of your WhatsApp inbox. Here, store staff have spent the last year offering their top clients tailored updates on new arrivals and even ...

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  • The digital detox phenomenon in 5 charts

    January is the month of self-improvement, a time to hit the reset button. Now, along with the juice cleanses and dry Januarys, there’s growing chatter about a different kind of cleanse: The digital detox. There are many reasons to go offline: Concerns about children’s attention spans, the false reality of social media and the ever-present privacy debate.

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  • Six months in, Instagram’s dreaded timeline tweak finds some love

    Last year, the internet collectively mourned the death of Instagram’s chronological timeline. Users complained. Marketers worried. And a petition demanding its resurrection attracted over 342,000 signatures. But six months on, has it really been that bad? The algorithmic timeline, which came to most U.K.

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