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  • How 5 UK brands are using Instagram Stories

    Brands stateside have been able to broadcast in real time for little over a month now. But this week, Instagram announced that it will roll out Live broadcasts in several other countries, including the U.K. It’s an alluring proposition to those already hooked on Instagram’s ephemeral Stories, which now take pride of place in the feed.

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  • How 5 brands have approached their Messenger chatbots

    Facebook Messenger has been luring brands and developers to its platform to create bots for just about everything from acting as a concierge to doling out advice. But there is a lot of variation in something as straightforward as a question-and-answer format. Brands have taken different approaches when it comes to chatbots. Here are a few.

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  • Confessions of a media agency veteran on programmatic: ‘A downward spiral’

    While rebates are a known — if controversial — practice in the U.K., hidden fees are different. In the latest installment of the Digiday Confessions series, where we grant anonymity in exchange for candor, a media agency veteran with over three decades of experience in advertising lifts the lid on the murky world of programmatic margins.

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  • Lingerie brand Agent Provocateur is using WhatsApp to offer discreet customer service

    Shopping for lingerie could be an awkward affair, to say nothing of finding the perfect pair of £195 ($236) glittery nipple tassels. But if you’re a big spender at high-end underwear brand Agent Provocateur, you can ask advice from the privacy of your WhatsApp inbox. Here, store staff have spent the last year offering their top clients tailored updates on new arrivals and even ...

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  • The digital detox phenomenon in 5 charts

    January is the month of self-improvement, a time to hit the reset button. Now, along with the juice cleanses and dry Januarys, there’s growing chatter about a different kind of cleanse: The digital detox. There are many reasons to go offline: Concerns about children’s attention spans, the false reality of social media and the ever-present privacy debate.

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  • Six months in, Instagram’s dreaded timeline tweak finds some love

    Last year, the internet collectively mourned the death of Instagram’s chronological timeline. Users complained. Marketers worried. And a petition demanding its resurrection attracted over 342,000 signatures. But six months on, has it really been that bad? The algorithmic timeline, which came to most U.K.

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  • As Facebook and Twitter stumble on measurement, Snapchat scores brownie points

    Snapchat’s latest measurement play has earned it a gold star from media agencies at a time when rivals are still working to scrub off their black marks. This week the Gen Z favorite rolled out an integration with third-party provider Moat for the U.K. and France so brands can see if their video ads are viewed and heard by a human being (versus a bot) and for how long.

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  • As live streaming booms, more brands seek camera-ready staff

    Brands have enthusiastically embraced live streaming — but not every brand comes camera-ready. Those looking to get started find themselves needing to beg, borrow or hire on-screen talent first. While some companies have tapped TV personalities and agencies to host their broadcasts, others are asking their employees to do it themselves — even those who have never been in front ...

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  • WTF is zero UI?

    According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the future of devices could be, well, the end of devices. “We will move from mobile first to an AI first world,” he wrote in a letter to shareholders of parent Alphabet Inc. last April. But what do you call an experience you can’t click or tap? Zero user interface, or zero UI, is an increasingly popular phrase first coined by designer And ...

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  • Why more retailers became startup incubators in 2016

    The tech scene is known for its unfashionable choices. But now the fashion crowd is on its way in: Today, corporations fund more than a quarter of early-stage startups in the EU. And fashion retailers want in on the incubation game. Big brands have been setting up their own in-house bootcamps — aka incubators or accelerators — to rub shoulders with entrepreneurs in retail.

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  • What Hunter boots has learned since ditching the fashion calendar

    This year, Wellington boots-maker Hunter ditched London Fashion Week after a two-year run. It turns out having two tentpole events a year didn’t sit right with a brand that has become synonymous with the period between those fashion shows: music festival season. “We felt there was a massive opportunity to step away from the constraints of the traditional fashion calendar and f ...

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  • See ya, Soho: How London’s media map is changing

    London’s Soho neighborhood — gritty, boozy and dripping with culture — was once the epicenter of (often intoxicated) agency life. However, as rents skyrocket and sex shops make way for artisanal pastries, industry folk have reconsidered the benefits of W1. The companies left in Soho include those that had the foresight to lock in cheap rent, those that refuse to betray their S ...

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  • Marketers love Line’s new ad formats, but they won’t use them

    This week, chat platform Line announced a new way for advertisers to goose engagement: Users who interact with its new ad units are rewarded with in-app credits. In theory, it’s a win-win: The advertiser gets undivided attention of Line users, and Line keeps people on Line. Messaging apps appear to be poised to overtake social networks, but no one has answered the question of ...

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  • Ogilvy & Mather UK wants to build a bot empire

    As bots catch on with brands — Microsoft, Taco Bell and KLM have all toyed around with them — Ogilvy & Mather Group is going all guns blazing with a bot workshop at its London HQ. Bots by Ogilvy, led by experience director Will Godfrey and innovation planning partner James Whatley, is a space that draws in talent from across the group, from copywriters to UX specialists.

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  • Advertisers take a liking to 360-video ads

    360-degree video is turning the heads of advertisers. Google’s TrueView platform first rolled the format out for Chrome, YouTube and iOS in July 2015. But in the past few months, demand from brands has rocketed, and both platforms and ad tech vendors have followed suit. The pull for advertisers is the opportunity to own an entire screen.

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  • How Cancer Research UK is making social video count

    Having seen success with its 12-hour YouTube fundraiser in 2015, charity Cancer Research U.K. has been upping its video game. That year, vloggers Joe Suggs and Caspar Lee raised £10,544 alone during a day of larking about at YouTube’s London HQ. “The way social is going, every piece of content is now a video,” said Hayley Fairclough, social media manager for national events ma ...

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  • What marketers can learn from Facebook Live’s top brand videos

    Brands had barely adjusted to the idea that they increasingly need to be publishers today. Now they’re being expected to become broadcasters on platforms like Facebook Live, too. Since Facebook Live opened up to the platform’s 1.6 billion users in April, a deluge of U.K. brands have been experimenting there. But becoming a broadcaster overnight is easier said than done.

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