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  • Where does your programmatic spend go?

    The question of where programmatic spend goes has stumped advertisers since the dawn of programmatic. I thought it was time to try to answer it, as simply as possible. I’m sharing this partly in response to the recent headline that “60 percent of programmatic spend is wasted.” Undoubtedly there are campaigns out there where this is true; in fact, the percentage is probably g ...

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  • How to fight against online ad fraud (in 6 steps)

    How do you fight ad misplacement and fraudulent advertising? First of all, it’s hard. No media buyer can guarantee complete brand safety, nor can they ensure that every single impression is from a real person rather than a bot. A percentage of any digital advertising spend, at least for the foreseeable future, will either be wasted on non-human traffic (NHT) or served on inappropriate sites.

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  • Are you losing money to ad fraud? 3 ways to protect yourself

    What is ad fraud? Ad fraud comes in all shapes and sizes and can’t be explained by one definition. The Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards released a report in 2015 to demystify the world of fraudulent advertising online. They listed 16 versions of ad fraud including: non-browser user behavior — activity that is not associated with human behavior; hidden ads — e.g.

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  • 2016 is finally the “year of the video”

    Explore 360-degrees of immersive top-down freedom as you ride along with the 2016 Camaro Convertible on its inaugural drive. Make sure to watch on a compatible smartphone in the YouTube App, and drive the 360 camera by rotating your phone in any direction you choose. With no latches between you and the sky, the most innovative, fully electronic convertible top in its class ra ...

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