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  • The Part-Time Nihilist’s Guide to Marketing Terms You Hate, But Need

    It’s about time that we take a step back and have a little chuckle at ourselves. Image via Shutterstock. Plenty of products and services help people, making them healthier and happier. For those things, marketing is great — but sometimes, the way we talk about ourselves is absurd. Yeah, I said it, it’s absurd, but it’s all right because this post has a happy ending (stay tuned).

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  • How Big Brands Use Urgency to Drive Conversions During the Holidays

    Hurry! Holiday shopping is upon us, which means big conversion opportunities await. Image via Shutterstock. What’s worse than not being able to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone you love? How about finding it, then realizing it’s sold out? Sold out. The thought alone is enough to cause a pre-Christmas meltdown, but while we’re all fretting over the perfect gift, b ...

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  • 25 Inspirational Resources for Copywriters

    Image via Shutterstock. As a copywriter, you need to be immersed in what’s going on in the world, even when those things seem completely unrelated to what you’re doing. Why? Because you’re writing for real people, who may end up being customers if you treat them right. We’re all just people, and what we really connect over is stuff which makes us go, “Woah!” For example, did ...

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  • Simple Recipes for No-Fail Landing Page Copy [+ Free Downloadable Worksheet]

    Who knew landing pages and cake had so much in common? Image via Shutterstock. In some ways, building a landing page is like baking a cake. Certain people prefer chocolate, and others like cream fillings, but there are some fundamental formulas (for both cakes and landing pages) that are tried and tested, and proven to produce positive results.

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  • For More Meaningful Copy, Think Like a Fiction Writer

    Think like a fiction writer (typewriter not required). Image by Everett Collection via Shutterstock. Copywriting is part of a bigger strategy aimed at selling something in exchange for money, for time, for support and so on. We know that appealing to emotions such as sadness, happiness and frustration works, but we’re grinding this method into a rut.

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