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  • Seven fascinating stats on ecommerce and cart abandonment

    With the end of 2016 fast approaching, we list some of the best ecommerce and cart abandonment stats we’ve seen this year. 1: SMS Remarketing This year we won at the MOMA Awards for our work with Firefly on SMS Remarketing. The stats below give an idea of just how effective SMS can be. 2: Which Days Have Most Abandonments? Based on data from more than 1 billion abandoned car ...

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  • How to minimise the interaction cost of your web forms

    Completing a web form online takes time and effort. This effort can be minimised by structuring the form well, and giving it a flow which will make it easier for customers. Indeed, every action a user takes within checkout carries a cost. This is sometimes referred to as an ‘interaction cost’. Every interaction your user has with your checkout carries a cost.

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  • Are you asking for too much information on web forms?

    Long web forms can deter customers, and one way to reduce the workload is to remove unnecessary fields and questions. Your customers will understand that a certain amount of information is required – to complete a transaction, to register etc. However, it’s important to realise the drawbacks of being seen to ask too much of users.

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  • How to make longer web forms easier for users

    Some web forms have to be longer than normal. While an ecommerce site can limit the user entry to an email, delivery address and payment details, some sites need more information. For example, forms on travel and financial websites have to be longer than most by necessity. Long forms like this can be off-putting for users as they can give the impression that the process is go ...

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  • Nine excellent examples of web form design

    Filling in forms online can be a pain, but good design can make a lot of difference to the user experience. To coincide with our new Marketer’s Guide to Form Optimisation, produced in association with Fospha, I’ve collated some examples of great form design, or aspects of forms that are worth learning from.

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  • How to become the intelligence thought leader for your organisation

    For executives, keeping up to date with trends and events in your industry is crucial in order to ensure that your business and its strategy remains relevant. It can be a major challenge however, with constraints on time and so many sources of information to choose from. It’s easy to see why many senior executives simply don’t have the time to perform the detailed research tas ...

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  • Thought leadership as a strategy for innovation and growth

    The fast pace of business in the digital age means that businesses (and business models) are shifting more rapidly than ever. New technologies and innovations can quickly sweep away well established and seeking solid business models within just a few years. There are plenty of such examples from the digital age, Blockbusters and Kodak to name just two.

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  • Why retailers shouldn’t overlook the value of m-commerce apps

    Recent stats suggest that the mobile web has the edge over apps in terms of m-commerce sales, but this doesn’t mean retailers should dismiss apps. Five to ten years ago, after the release of the first iPhone and before the widespread adoption of responsive design, there was a genuine decision to be made between apps and mobile web for retailers.

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  • Best tweets and takeaways from ClickZ Live and Shift San Francisco

    Wednesday 31st August was the first day of ClickZ Live and Shift San Francisco, an event which attracted more then 500 attendees. It featured speakers from Accenture, Forbes, Intel, M&C Saatchi Mobile and keynotes from Aston Martin, Pandora, Walmart and Nitin Mangtani. Here’s a collection of tweets from the event, with some great stats and insights… Watching @astonmart ...

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  • Online-only retailers are growing faster than multichannels

    New research show a disparity in sales growth between pure-play online retailers and their multichannel counterparts. IMRG stats show that between January and June this year, while multichannel retailers (those with a high street/store presence) grew sales by 9.5%, the figure was 24.8% for online-only (defined as those with at least 80% of sales coming from online channels).

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  • 55% don’t recognise paid ads in Google SERPS: stats

    55% of searchers don’t know which links in the SERPs are PPC ads, according to a new survey. I covered this topic back in April, using data from an Ofcom report which found that up to 50% of users shown a SERP screenshot could not identify paid ads. The article also mentioned data from Varn, which found that, of the 1,010 Uk internet users who were asked the question below, 50.

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  • The 12 pillars of mobile commerce design

    What are the key factors behind an effective m-commerce site, one that will meet the needs of the modern multichannel consumer? This week sees the release of our new m-commerce report, DNA of a Great M-Commerce Site Part 2: The 12 Pillars of Mobile Design, and here we present those pillars… 1. Mobile-first web design The mobile-first philosophy dictates that all websites – ...

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  • How to optimise your videos for better ranking on YouTube

    With more than a billion users, and billions of daily video views, gaining user attention on YouTube may seem a daunting prospect. However, the sheer size of the audience (a third of all web users) means that the rewards are there if you get it right. In this post, I’ll look at some of the factors which determine YouTube video rankings, some tips to help improve visibility, a ...

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  • Why your content and SEO strategy need to be joined up

    There are some sites creating useful or interesting content, that are being let down by a lack of attention to SEO. In yesterday’s #semrushchat there was such an example, a site offering copywriting services, but one that seemingly needed to pay more attention to SEO. The site was kreativ forditas, and had submitted itself for review by the semrushchat participants.

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  • Five of the most interesting search stories from this week

    It’s time for our weekly update from the world of search marketing and beyond. This week we have new antitrust measures against Google from Europe, new mobile shopping formats, and Google testing store inventory searches in GMB. New mobile formats from Google Google announced this week that it will soon begin rolling out new mobile features for PLAs, holiday booking filters, i ...

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  • 85+ SEO experts you should follow on Twitter

    Who are the most useful SEO tweeters to follow? In this post I’ve listed those I have been following for a while, as well as some other useful suggestions. After this article on ClickZ listing marketing leaders to follow, I decided I’d steal the idea for SEW and list some useful tweeters on the subject of SEO.

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