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  • Amazon launches Digital Day, a new sales holiday for digital products

    Over the past two years we’ve seen Amazon excel at creating demand for Prime Day, a Amazon-generated sales holiday. This week Amazon is launching a new sales day on digital media dubbed “Digital Day.” The first Digital Day will be a 24 hour event held tomorrow, Friday December 30th and is marketed like a Black Friday for anything digital.

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  • Periscope launches live 360 video broadcasting

    For social media networks 2016 has been the year that live video took off. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made serious announcements and upgrades to their live offerings and Periscope/Twitter is ’rounding’ the year off with a bang. Certain Periscope users will now have the ability to broadcast live 360 videos out to the community. 360 Sunset in Florida.

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  • Amazon begins testing Product Listing Ads on AdWords

    In 2012, Google’s Product Search was transformed from an organic product search tool into a pay-to-play shopping destination. Since the removal of Product Search Amazon has not participated with Google’s Product Listing Ads. Until now. Merkle discovered Amazon testing PLAs in the wild – something completely new for world’s largest online retailer.

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  • Workplace by Facebook opens to organizations across the globe

    Over 1,000 organizations are currently using Workplace by Facebook, and now you’ll be able to as well. Workplace (formerly Facebook at Work) is currently used around the world as an internal communication and collaboration tool to bring teams together. To date more than 100,000 groups have been created within Workplace and companies such as Starbucks, Danone & Campbell’s ...

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  • Instagram adds the ability to hide offensive & inappropriate comments

    The internet is a beautiful beast that has brought about connectivity, information, and far to much to list in a single post. For all the good, it has also spawned anonymous commenting, an opportunity that many times can cultivate inappropriate commentary, abuse and negativity. Today Instagram has released a new filter that allows users to hide these messages.

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  • Facebook Lookalikes go global with new update

    Since released more than 3 years ago, Facebook Lookalike Audiences have been the gold standard for matching like-minded audiences. A new release from Facebook is now bringing the powerful matching across borders – International Lookalike Audiences. This new resource will give marketers the ability to target international audiences similar lists of customers or leads.

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  • Confirmed: New AdWords interface rolling out to more users

    In March of this year Google announced a sweeping change to the interface of AdWords, a product that hadn’t had a significant facelift in quite sometime. Yesterday a few AdWords users were surprised to see the new UI showing when they hopped into their accounts. Today Google has confirmed that the interface is rolling out to more AdWords users.

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  • Google remarketing lists for search ads make their way to Google search partners

    Fan of Google’s Remarketing lists for search ads (aka RLSAs)? Good news, the popular retargeting option is now available for Google Search Partners. RLSAs allow marketers to customize their search campaigns to people that have previously visited their site. This targeting can allow advertisers to leverage non-traditional keywords by hitting a specific Audience familiar with the brand.

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