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  • Report: iPhone sees sales gains though Android at 75 percent share globally

    Android remains the dominant operating system globally, with a roughly 75 percent smartphone market share, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. However, recent sales data reflects strong year-over-year share growth for the iPhone in most markets, with the notable exception of China. Kantar says that in the US the iPhone has seen its “strongest rate of growth [ ] in more than two years.

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  • Amazon: Alexa devices were best-selling products from any manufacturer

    Amazon’s aggressive pricing and promotion of it own hardware products made them top sellers over the past holiday weekend. According to a release out from the company, Amazon had its “best-ever holiday shopping weekend for devices.” Amazon, which doesn’t disclose precise sales figures, said that the “Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, Fire tablet, and Amazon Echo were . .

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  • Report: Cyber-Monday was the largest e-commerce day in history

    According to data from Adobe, Cyber Monday became the largest day in US e-commerce history. Consumers spent roughly $3.4 billion online, which just beat Black Friday’s $3.34 billion. Cyber Monday generated somewhat less mobile commerce revenue at $1.19 billion vs. $1.2 billion on Black Friday. Nonetheless, smartphones and tablets drive more traffic than PCs yesterday.

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  • Data: mobile drives majority of Black Friday traffic but PCs dominate sales

    There were record e-commerce sales over the past weekend, as more consumers shopped online. However the rise of mobile commerce is the larger and more interesting story. On Black Friday alone, mobile devices were responsible for roughly 36 percent of total revenues but a majority of online retail traffic, reported Adobe. This despite awkward and suboptimal mobile experiences across many sites.

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  • Report: Facebook develops content suppression tool for China reentry

    Do no evil. Make the world more open and connected. These have been Google and Facebook’s respective tag lines or mantras, if you will; however their moral and ethical aspirations bump into an uncomfortable and often contradictory foe: the market. While Google has in recent years walked away from “do no evil,” which led to regular charges of hypocrisy, Facebook still activel ...

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  • European survey finds 70 percent of Android owners want pre-installed apps

    According to a new European consumer survey from the Application Developers Alliance, 70 percent of respondents would prefer to buy an Android device with basic apps pre-installed. This finding, as well as others in the report, appears to support Google’s argument to the European Commission that its pre-installed suite of apps benefits consumers and is not anti-competitive.

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  • WeatherBug bought by xAd to enable location-based predictive marketing

    Mobile platform xAd has announced a signficant new funding round and the acquisition of WeatherBug. WeatherBug includes desktop, mobile, wearable and smart TV properties. I spoke with xAd CEO Dipanshu Sharma about the acquisition and the rationale behind it. He said that WeatherBug will bring xAd 20 million new users that the company will see several times a day.

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  • Report: Apple working on augmented reality glasses for potential 2018 release

    According to reports, Apple is developing digital glasses. However, if the product appears at all it won’t be until 2018 at the earliest. The glasses would reportedly offer augmented reality experiences. It would also, like Apple Watch, require an iPhone for connectivity. The company is under pressure to produce new hardware products that further diversify its product lineup ...

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