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  • TripAdvisor adds new enhanced listings features for hotels, restaurants

    TripAdvisor is enhancing its suite of tools and subscription-based ad products for both hotels and restaurants. The two programs are “Business Advantage” for hotels and “TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants.” Both offerings give hospitality and restaurant marketers new capabilities and greater control over their listings. Effectively they’re enhanced listings. Basic listings remain free.

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  • Yahoo CEO Mayer and co-founder David Filo to step down from Yahoo board

    Assuming the massive hacking disclosures Yahoo made over the past several months don’t derail the Verizon acquisition of the company, CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo co-founder David Filo and four other directors will leave the board after the $4.8 billion deal closes. Yesterday the board changes were announced in an SEC “8-K” filing: [T]he Board has determined that, immediately fol ...

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  • Final holiday figures: $92B in e-commerce, omnichannel retail had big share

    The final holiday online shopping tally is out. According to Adobe, total e-commerce sales (November 1 to December 31) hit $91.7 billion, representing growth of 11 percent year over year. Out of 61 shopping days in the period, all but five saw at least $1 billion in online revenue. Traffic to retailers was split evenly between the desktop and mobile but sales still heavily favored the PC.

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  • Lenovo debuts Amazon Alexa-powered smart speaker at CES

    Like Microsoft is doing with Cortana, Amazon is making Alexa available to third party developers and hardware makers to voice-enable their connected products. Amazon is also making Alexa’s several thousand “skills” (voice apps) equally available to developers. With the announcement of Cortana’s developer strategy a few weeks ago, we saw the arrival of a Cortana-powered Harma ...

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  • Report: US advertisers spent $17.6 billion on digital ads in Q3

    According to IAB data out today, US advertisers spent $17.6 billion on digital ads in Q3. The trade organization said this was “the highest third quarter for digital advertising spending on record, and represents a 20 percent increase over the same time period in 2015.” It also represents a 4.3 percent sequential increase over Q2.

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  • Study: 55 percent of mobile dollars wasted

    A recent study (reg. req’d) from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Celtra, argues that $0.55 of every dollar spent on mobile advertising is wasted. Beyond this, negative mobile ad experiences are hurting brand perceptions among consumers. These types of findings and conclusions aren’t new but they’re worth emphasizing because mobile traffic now dominates the PC, and much ...

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  • Report: Verizon to use Yahoo hacking revelations to extract price concessions

    Earlier this year Verizon agreed to buy most of the assets of Yahoo, including the Yahoo brand. The purchase price was nearly $5 billion; however that was before the revelation of two massive hacking episodes. The first data breach took place in 2014 and was said to impact more than 500 million accounts globally. It was revealed in October. Yesterday, news of a new breach came out.

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  • Microsoft’s debuts brilliant Cortana SDK strategy

    Since the advent of Amazon Echo/Alexa and, especially, Google Home, I had been wondering what Microsoft’s response would be and whether it would develop a stand-alone digital assistant device. Now it has, but not in the way I expected: the company has embraced a third-party SDK approach. What this means is that other device makers can embed Cortana functionality into any pie ...

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