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  • Google Seeking To “Normalize” Tax Relations With Europe, Settle Claims

    Many countries in Europe don’t believe that US companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Starbucks and Apple are paying their fair share of taxes. For example, Apple may face remedial tax liability in Europe of $8 billion according to a Bloomberg report. Google is reportedly now negotiating with European governments to settle myriad tax disputes and to “normalize” its tax ...

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  • Brave: New Ad Blocking Browser Promises More Privacy & Faster Page Loading

    Depending on whom you talk to, ad blocking is either overblown or an emerging crisis. There’s data to support both positions. One thing is clear, however, it’s an issue that’s not going away. That’s partly because entrepreneurs have now latched on to it as an opportunity. The latest example is a new mobile browser called Brave. It’s still in beta and not yet widely available, but will be soon.

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  • Survey: Under 40 Percent Start A “Local Search” With A Search Engine

    What we widely call “local search” is only partly about search engines. Finding local content and making offline purchase decisions is a multifaceted process that involves several categories of information and devices. That’s according a new survey and report from IDC and YP. The report is called “Local Search Unleashing Opportunities for National Advertisers” and based on a ...

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  • Report: Microsoft To Buy Global Mobile Ad Platform InMobi

    According to an unconfirmed report Microsoft is buying mobile ad network/platform InMobi. Based in Bangalore India the company says that its network comprises more than a billion users per month. Google and Yahoo were supposedly also in talks with the company but were not able to come to terms. Google in particular was reportedly in serious discussions with the company, with ...

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  • Survey Suggests Mobile Banners Being Replaced By Native, Video Formats

    According to a recent survey of 283 “clients and agency executives” commissioned by Trusted Media Brands the mobile banner is a declining ad unit. Native and video were the formats many marketers said they were going to turn to this year. However native ads had a number of challenges that might make them less popular over time. Banners was the top mobile format being used today.

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  • Yahoo Now Appears Headed Toward A Sale Of The Company

    The reporting surrounding Yahoo has taken a very negative turn in the last month. An example is the New York Times’ piece this weekend about a “brain drain” at Yahoo and declining employee morale. Another is last week’s CNBC hearsay story about Yahoo’s programmatic video business being “rife with ad fraud.

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  • Study: Ads Effective As Way To Stimulate Dormant App Usage, Prevent Deletion

    Smartphone owners spend nearly 90 percent of mobile device time in apps. However only a small fraction of the 25 – 40 apps on users’ devices are regularly used; the rest are neglected and eventually replaced or deleted. A new study from Yahoo offers some new insight into why and when people delete or replace apps and what triggers new and replacement app downloads.

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  • Forecast: Half Of Consumers Will Be Paying With Phones By 2018

    According to a 2014 survey commissioned by the US Federal Reserve 28 percent of smartphone users had done some from of mobile payment in the previous 12 months. New survey data for 2015 haven’t come out yet but the number is probably close to 35 percent I would estimate. Indeed Retale released consumer survey data late last year that argued 43 percent of US smartphone owners ...

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